Park Bom clears the air

Seeing This Article about Park Bom had one response, smf.

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Im not sure how many of you have heard or even had Adderall before, it is a subscription medicine in the states that is normally given to people will ADD or ADHD, another medicine that is similar to this drug and is Ritalin.( Which is probably what Park has been switched to)

This news as a international fan (U.S) probably doesn't fully understand what the big deal is and why Park Bom has come forward with the information from years ago when she came to the states. Its legal In US and yes it may be used for substance abuse, most medicines/drugs can, it has the security of being prescribed to an individual by a doctor for a medical reason.

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In korea these are considered Illegal and at customs they are supposed to check bags and drugs is one of those things they do frown upon (yup said that nicely ^-^). So when she entered there was a buzz going on and in current state of rumors Park Bom and her company have to make clear the type of medication she has had in the past and that it is for a medical reason.

If your interested in what these medications are used for here is an article on looking at both Adderall and Ritalin.

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