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<content><p><content><p><content><p><content><p><content><p>[ EOS 얼라이언스 코리아 공지 ] 얼라이언스 코리아 그룹 t.me/eosalliancekr 줌콜 링크 매주 수요일 PM09:00(UTC+9) (Beijing Time PM 08:00) https://zoom.us/j/559807625 #11 3월13일 수요일 Topic 1.EOS 한주간의 이슈 or 뉴스취합 2@eunielle님의얼라이언스배지기존신청자분 클레임,배지로고 확인 배지 종류 래벨 및 배지 거버넌스 관련 논의 3.최근 피싱 관련문제로 인한 오너키/액티브키 분리 설명(스캐터 혹은 모바일월렛) 4.참여자 질문 + 평가.. Alliance Korea Bedge 관련👇 ⭐️ 얼라이언스 코리아 멤버쉽⭐️ #9 2.27 줌콜내용 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZCHm6z54UQKLRGKJcBNdEKhygI63by7VPRerukXu0fg/edit?usp=sharing EOS Alliance Korea 멤버 배지 발급자격 권한을 받기 위한 멤버정보 설문지입니다. (이메일과 텔레그램 아이디 확인용) 아래 링크에서 꼭 작성 & 제출 부탁드려요~ 이미 신청하신분 추가 작성안하셔도 됩니다 Please submit your information to verify your membership via the link below. To claim your membership badge, you must submit the required information beforehand. 1. Telegeam ID(텔레그램 ID) 2. email(이메일) https://goo.gl/forms/LbB2UFu6rEezv9rv1 얼라이언스 유투브 공개채널 [매주 줌콜 영상 공개] <a href=\https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4BNZt3Szx_ePYm8_9Qus4A\>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4BNZt3Szx_ePYm8_9Qus4A</a></p></content></p></content></p></content></p></content></p></content></p></content></p></content></p></content>

EOSIO Community Activitist and Advisor! Leading EOS Alliance Korea Community. I communicate to all community worldwide, including BP and all community members. Based on my active participating experience in governance, I will choose right BPs with strong technological development capabilities for the highest standards and community development. EOS Acknowledgments “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”The EOS Acknowledgments list is a manifestation of the ongoing process of giving public credit to important EOS contributors. It will be updated regularly over the coming months and years. http://www.eosacknowledgments.io ( Community Evolution, 社区发展推动, 커뮤니티 성장 ) Website : https://eosdao.wordpress.com/max_cho-introduction/ eosDAC member : https://members.eosdac.io/profile/maxmaxmaxmac
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