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It’s the last card of the Series and time to highlight the Top communities! You know the ones, In the Thousands that have been in the care of so many amazing people throughout the years! This is a card to show appreciation to the Presidents currently still bringing life and happiness into communities!  To highlight 2, The Kpop cmty and The BTS cmty are highly active and has so many cards! The Presidents @Halsyeon and @Yugykookie along with their Editors have done stupendous work with managing the cmty’s that get so many cards!      ▪☆▪☆▪☆▪☆▪☆▪☆▪☆▪

There are 13 Cmty’s being mentioned in this card! Also to include a couple extra high cmtys. KDrama, Quotes, & Travel.  may not be in the Music genre but wanted to include them because well I do like to keep an eye on the cmty’s that interlock with the kpop world, PLUS KDRAMA lol.


For some of these cmty’s They are recently coming up or just came up to term So Presidents named are who has Monitored over the last couple months and the changes presented are in their time frame!!!

Thank you to all the Presidents for doing such amazing work!

Top Communities! 13. Its time to see the tracking. How many new members have these cmtys gotten since the begining of Feb!


VIXX 》     Cmty Had 11.4k members With the President being@MaeLyn      It is now currently at 11.8k members!    Thats fantastic!

T.O.P 》   Cmty Had 12.7k members With the President being@Starbell808    It is now currently at 12.9k        100

BTS 》    Cmty Had 14.4k members With the President being@Yugykookie It was at 14.5 on feb 18th  It is now currently at 15.3k    .9k- 900 new members!! Great Job in your cmty girl!!

G-Dragon  》   Cmty Had 15.5k members With the President being@BBxGD. It is now currently at    15.7k    .2k= 200

Shinee 》   Cmty Had 16.8k members With the President being@VixenViVi    It is now currently at 17k That is .2k-200 new members!

Super Junior  》   Cmty Had 18.9k members With the President being@QueenPandaBunny It is now currently at 19.2k    .3k=300

EXO  》   Cmty Had 20.7k members With the President being@MelissaGarza It is now currently at 21.2k    .4k = 400 new members!

AsianMale Stars. 》 Cmty Had 36.7k members With the President being@BBxGD It is now currently at    36.9k    .2k-200

Koreanstars. 》 64.7k members With the President being@DefSoul This is a new one I saw so Im sorry It doesnt have a beginning number.

Kpop  》 Cmty Had 113.2k members With the President being@Halsyeon   114.7k    members currently. There are 1500 new members! Its a popping!

K-Dramas   》  Cmty Had 139.3k members With the President being@SweetDuella It is now currently at 140k    .7k= 700

Quotes 》  Cmty Had 151.6k members With the President being @ jazminramirez9    It is now currently at 152.7k     with 1.1k- 1100 new members!

Travel  》  Cmty Had 156.1k members With the President being @ Carcake It is now currently at 157k    .9k= 900

fam tag! new updated list!

@SugaKookieV@StefaniTre @SimplyAwkward@Starbell808@SerenaArthurs@Sugasadamsapple@BabydollBre @WinKonVIP   @Taekookimonster @ESwee@Just2BLoved @QueenPandaBunny  @Yugykookie97@kpopandkimchi @VKookie47@MelissaGarza @VeronicaArtino @tinafalcon22@tigerlily84@Taekookimonster  @JaxomB @divanicola05 @ynsamgwlk@rchacon19@cns1391 @PolarStarr @rocklvr@BTSARMYBOI@QueenyCrossGene@BTSMicdrop

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