Got7 President Introduction 📣

Hello Ahgases! My name is Melissa. I am the new President of Got7 Community. Thank you to the ones that voted for me. Without you all, this wouldn't have been possible. I will be sharing a little about myself for those who don't know me. I will also be sharing my plans for the community. Then I will be sharing Got7 Community Guidelines. Let's begin...

As I mentioned, my name is Melissa. You might recognize me already. I have been with Got7 for awhile now. I want to thank@Luna1171 for being a great example of how to be a leader. I'm happy she's staying on as one of my editors. As for me, I am from Texas. I am a huge kpop fan. My favorite things are kpop, dramas and WWE. My hobbies are reading, watching dramas and WWE. My favorite kpop group is Got7. My Ultimate Bias is Jackson Wang. Besides being President for Got7, I am also President for EXO and VAV Communities. I am also editor for BTS, NCT, A.C.E and others. I'm looking forward to being President of Got7 Community. Which leads me to share what I have plan for the community.

I will be making some changes to start off with. I would like to try something new. I feel that by doing it this way, it would encourage community to participate more with council. We have been doing member days, like Yugyeom Sunday. We will be starting Member Weeks with themed days. We will be starting the week on Sundays. On Saturdays, I will announce which member will be featured that week. These will be the themes:

Sunday~ Ship

*Who would you ship with the featured member

Monday~ Memes

*Share Memes of featured member

Tuesday ~ Tune

*Share your favorite Got7 tune or featured member solo songs

Wednesday~ Writer

*Let out your inside writer! You can write a poem, or even a letter for the featured member.


*Share your favorite sexy moments of the featured member.

Friday~ Fan Art

*Share your favorite fan art, or even make your own of the featured member.


*The council will be doing surprised challenges for the Community.

I hope everyone will enjoy the new changes. We are looking forward to seeing more participation from the community.

To ensure that we will have a safe and fun Community, here are some simple guidelines that need to be followed.

No Bullying in any form is allowed.

Please report any Bullying or harassment. Let's respect each other in posts, chats and even comments.

For cards that contain mature and/or sensitive materials, they must have proper labels in TITLE! If it doesn't, card will be rejected.

*No Explicit Content Allowed! No hateful and disgusting talk is allowed in this community.

Post Relevant Cards ONLY!

This is Got7 Community. So if your card isn't about Got7, then it's considered not relevant and will be rejected. Another way your card will be rejected if there is no title or picture, or even both. Text only cards will not be published. It's that easy, right?

*ALSO, since this being an English Community, all cards should be in English and/or have proper translations.

Lastly, let's be safe!

Do Not Share Personal Information! This is not Tinder or any other dating website. If you would like to talk to someone more personally, share Line or Kakao Talk information ONLY! NEVER give out your phone number or any other personal information on this app. It's all about Internet safety!

Let's have fun and be safe together!


Before I end this super long card, I am recruiting for editors! If you are interested in being part of my council, please apply. Just click on Council and submit your application. There are few requirements for being on Council. You must be member of Got7 Community. You must have Line or Kakao Talk. If you can meet this requirements, please apply.

Until next time Ahgases!

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Hello! I'm a multiple kpop fan and drama lover. I love being part of Vingle, which helps me with my kpop cravings. 😊
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