Collaboration of the Titians? Would u SUPPORT?

Hello fam! I read this article about Park Boom bring asked a question in who she would love to collaborate with. I call them Titians because these three artist are heavy hitters!


My Opinion

My opinion is mixed. Anyone who knows me know I really don't care too much for Kpop girl groups. However I did like the old group 2ne1. They were a symbol of power and independent women....kinda like Destiny Child but in my opinion better. This collaboration would be lit. However Taeyeon's company has a history of pulling out of stuff. I'm referring to the MAMA 2016 scandal where Taeyeon's company pulled out of her performance with Wiz and no one informed him at a timely matter. AGAIN I'M NOT BLAMING TAEYEON HER COMPANY IS AT FAULT. I would hate for them to do the same to RM and Park Boom. But overall I support this collaboration!!!!

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