Jackson ‘s Birthday Party 🎂💕


Good evening everyone! Liyah here again and as you all know our puppy , Jackson’s, birthday is coming up so you know we had to do something! Thank you to@MelissaGarza for coming up with this awesome event! Let’s jump into his card ! Enjoy!

3/24- Fave Song https://youtu.be/4xN-jUfJAyM

Song Title: OKAY 3/25- Fave Collaboration https://youtu.be/Q4fYtFmoWDk

Song Title: Different Game ft. Gucci Mane 3/26- Fave Sexy Moments https://youtu.be/NncJpTy3Ljs

For my sexy moment I choose one of the performances that I think is of Jackson’s sexy moments. This performance was literally everything from that sexy red shirt to that deep drip in his voice during the whole performance. I was shook!

*All Credit for gifs/pics go to the rightful owners*

Name is Liyah. Some of my favorite groups are IKON, GOT7, EXO, Monsta x, Seventeen, Twice, and Pentagon. I'm mutli-fandom and always looking for new friends and new groups/artist.
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