Babylon Ch.4

Who: Reader x Lee Jongmin

What: Romance

Story: He's has an amazing talent but he doesn't trust the rich... He's about to learn.


It had been about two weeks since you had Jongmin start painting the club for you. You had shown up to the club to describe what you wanted on the walls or rather what you didn't want on the walls. You wanted to give him complete control and let his creative side come out with as little restrictions as possible. You were back in Busan to see what the place looked like and you were impressed with the progress but you weren't sure what he was painting yet it looked more abstract than anything.

The door opened and you saw Jongmin walking in with a sub in his hand. He didn't lock the door behind him which was starting to bug you. He said hi to you as he headed to the bar and laid the sub down on some napkins. You became less tense when he did that.

"Hello Jongmin." you said

Your voice was polite and you tried to make it sound as warm as possible. He looked at you while he chewed his food. His mouth was full with sauce running down his lip and you desprately wanted to get it before it ran down his face and driped on the floor. You realized your staff here would be just as annoyed by your OCD as the staff at your restuarant. You weren't pay attention to the way he was sizing you up because you knew that door was unlocked so you walked over to it.

One. Two.Three.Four.Five.Six.

It was still unlocked at six but odd numbers unnerved you. You'd check the door again soon anyway. Jongmin wiped his face with the back of his hand which made you wanna get a wipe and clean his hand. You stayed close by the door stressed out but not wanting to say anything about how he was eating.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

He seemed annoyed by you which didn't make things better. You looked away gaining your composure but now that he was focusing on you, you were focusing on the unlocked door. You never noticed that he had gotten up and walked over to you. You noticed last minute when you looked up and saw him leaning towards you and he reached out. His hand slipped between your arm and waist and you heard the click of the door. He had locked it for you. You released the breath you didn't know you were holding and you saw a smile crack on the end on his lips.

"Why do you do that anyway?" he asked.

"What?" you asked curious as if just now being drawn into the conversation.

"That lock and unlock thing with the door or your car? I mean is that really necessary?" Jongmin asked.

There was a certain teasing in his voice that you didn't like and it almost made you feel ashamed of your disorder. Now the business woman in you faded and the awkward child side of you was starting to poke through. Your fingers played with the keys in your hand while Jongmin headed back to his seat.

"It's necessary for me." you said.

He scoffed,

"America the great so bad that you have to keep locking the same thing over and over again?"

Now you were offended but your business persona was out and strong now. You strutted over to him with your head held high, shoulders back and your heels clacking on the hardwood floor. You stood opposite of him at the bar and said,

"Do all your assumptions of me come from the fact that I'm American?"

He looked you up and down with a smile, and after licking his finger tips of sauce he said,

"Not all of them but a good portion."

"What exactly is your problem with me Jongmin? I see your talent as an artist. I did you a fabor by not turning you in. I asked you to do this job for me, I've made the commute as easy as possible for you and you're very short with me. Why?"

"You think just because you gave me a bunch of pretty things that I just have to like you?"

"You don't have to like me Jongmin but I expect you to respect me. The same respect you might show others if you have any decency." you said back narrowing your eyes on him.

You two engaged in a small staring contest before he started laughing.

"You get too serious. Fine, if you want me to behave I will. I apologize for being rude to you and will try my best to be polite from now on."

His tone was sarcastic in some way but you didn't want to fight it. You had no idea what his issue was towards you but you liked his work. You started to head back to the door when he said,

"I've fought hard for a lot of things in my life. I hate seeing people who have it easy and don't know what it's like to go through bullshit. I don't like to be handed charity but for the moment I need this gig."

You softened up a bit. Your muscles weren't so tight and you had felt less aggrivated and said,

"I sympathize with what you're saying but just because I have the money doesn't mean I had it easy. Not everyone with big bills was handed everything they wanted on a silver spoon...Keep up with the good work Jongmin."

You opened the door and walked out locking it behind you

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Jongmin's POV

Something about pushing Y/N's buttons was fun for Jongmin. He couldn't explain why but when he saw the crack in her business woman persona he liked her a fraction more. He didn't like how she handled simple exchanges with him like hardcore business but each time she interacted with his flatmates she was different. Jiho and Joon Kyung swore they didn't notice a difference but Kongmin did.

She seemed too up tight to him, or rather kind of stuck up. She was the boss so she couldn't afford to speak to him like an individual. Joon Kyung thought he was taking it too personally but Jongmin could also tell that Joon Kyung was smitten with her. By no means did Jongmin hate Y/n he just hated some of the things she did. The constant locking and unlocking of the door, for example. What was she doing, trying to make sure the lock worked? And it was always six times.

She looked like she was sick when she saw him eating, was his eating so repulsive that she had to look away? He just couldn't really figure her out and that frustrated him but thinking about her was a nice distraction from what was really bothering him. His brother's surgery, was coming up soon. He had two tumors that needed to be taken out and the most important one was the one they discovered just two days ago by his spine. The other one was in his brain and it was causing his body temperature to fluxuate. Aside from that, the doctors said they could handle that but that it was important to get the one on his spinal cord before it got too big. It would make it harder to remove and the risk of paraylzing him was greater. If he had the money Y/N had he would pay off his brother's bills in a heart beat. Right now they were working with him on a payment plan but his bills were still backed up from all the treatments his brother needed. His parents couldn't help. He remembered they had such high expectations for him when he was younger. They loved his artistic talent and how his work had a message in it whether good or bad there was always a story to what he was creating.

He sat there thinking about them and knew that they would be disappointed at how he treated Y/n. He couldn't help his distaste of how she just saw him as an employee. He didn't work for her....he did but this was just repaying a debt and he didn't want her favors for him to come back and bite him in the ass. He wasn't too stubborn to admit that he was worried. He didn't like being in anyone's debt but it was this or jail. Hwimin wouldn't survive without him.

The door opened and Jongmin looked back to see Changmin walking in with a large box. The clanking of spray paint cans were following Changmin as he came over to the bar to set the box down on the counter. Jongmin looked through the colors seeing the ones he had put on his list sense he had ran out of colors and was about to run out of others.

"Is this all?" he asked.

"Uh no there are two more in the car. Wanna help me with them?" Changmin asked.


Jongmin got up and headed out the door with him. Half way out the door Changmin said,

"So I ran into Y/n coming here and she seemed agitated, was she okay earlier?" he asked.

"Ohh worried about your boss are you?" Jongmin teased in a suggstive tone.

"We all care about Y/n she's been a blessing in some of our lives. We all had our doubts in the beginning, truthfully American tourists we don't mind but when they set up business here and we work under them it brings up some resentment."

"Working for the rich will do that." Jongmin retorted.

Changmin just looked away from him to open the car door and hand him a box. He grabbed one himself and they headed back to the building with Changmin kicking the door behind him.

"Look we got past that resentment because she's actually a great boss, she actually cares about her employees. Sure she has her quirks-"

"Quirks? You mean the locking and unlocking of the door? Six times never more or how she checks that her car door is locked. It's always in even numbers too and she counts when she drives." Jongmin interjected.

Changmin laughed,

"Someone's been paying close attention to her." he said with his own suggestive tone.

"She's cute but not interested. How does that stuff not annoy you anyway?"

"Well it did at first,"

Changmin pushed the box he was holding against the door and opened it for the two of them. Jongmin caught onto it so that Changmin could walk in and he followed behind.

"We always thought she was saying we were inadequate or she didn't trust that we didn't do our job but that wasn't the case. It's simply her condition."

"Condition?" Jongmin said setting the box on the counter.

Changmin looked at him confused,

"Wait you don't know?"

Jongmin shook his head.

"She has OCD. It's a mild case so she doesn't freak out like someone with major OCD but when certain things aren't done in a pattern she gets stressed. Or when she's stressed out she has to do something to calm herself but it's usually over done. One time she was in the store and I had to give her some bad news on a project; she spent thirty minutes in the grocery store organizing food on the shelf by size, color, name." Changmin said.

"That's- unsetteling."

Changmin nodded,

"I've worked with her long enough to know when she's overly stressed so- what happened?"

Jongmin sighed, he was digging into her skin and it was on purpose. He wasn't sure his view of her changed but now he felt like he owed her. He couldn't imagine how much she must've freaked out when he was painting all over her buildings except she liked them enough to hire him to do this. He should've been a little more grateful but...she just rubbed him the wrong way.

"Nothing big, although I suppose I should apologize to her soon. I was a bit rude to her." Jongmin said.

"Yeah, that's not hard to believe. Anyway, you should get back to it. You're work is great she at least expressed how impressed she was by your progress. I've got to say- she was right, your work is impressive."

Changmin left and Jongmin thought about Y/N as he went back to work....

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