Babylon Ch.5

Who: Reader x Lee Jongmin

What: Romance

Story: He's has an amazing talent but he doesn't trust the rich... He's about to learn.


Joon Kyung had decided to give Y/N a call and see if she wanted to go out to eat. She was free for dinner since she didn't have work so she decided to go ahead and meet up with ,him. She was nervous he would bring others along and she was almost tempted to ask Hwa Lee to come with her but she decided against it. He made the joke of not being able to take her to some place fancy but she was fine with that. She could've settled for a nice greasy burger at the moment. Sometimes Korean food became too much for her and made her miss American food. Although, as she thought that she wondered just how much of America's food was actually American? Like Tacos, sometimes she longed for a taco or would talk about American food and in the same breath wish she had a taco.

Joon Kyung picked her up in a smaller car than she was used to riding in, recently, but it reminded her a lot of where she came from. The ride was spent with Joon Kyung talking and her mostly responding while trying to count as they went down the road. When they finally came to the resturant, he opened her door for her. She smiled warmly at him thinking this was treatment she hadn't gotten even from her last boyfriend.

They walked inside and found seats for themselves. The waiter was here and gone with their drink orders and they talked while looking over the menu.

"So why did you decide to come here? Don't tell me Kpop?" he joked.

"Actually, no. Although, my cousin, Winter, you remember her right, she was with me that day we saw each other at the barbaque resturant, she's the kpop girl. I actually came here a on a school trip and I liked it so much I kept coming back, besides I'm far enough from certain family members." you said.

Certain family members that believed you owed them something. They were more annoyed you would help strangers instead of blood; however, you did the work to make your money and even when you helped others, outside of donating to charites, you didn't just hand out money for free. You also made people work for it and some of your cousins just didn't feel like they had to work to get money from you. They were having a rough time and needed help. Considering the circumstances as to why they got into those rough situations, giving them money would only be a waste and make them sink deeper into a hole. You weren't going to have that on your head. Winter always said it was your money, you earned it so her siblings shouldn't suddenly expect to get a cut of your wealth when they had nothing to do with how you earned it in the first place. Winter never really sugar coated things, if you were wrong she'd tell you to your face because she believed you needed to know. You appreciated that so much.

"Not so close to your family?" he gave a sympathetic smile.

"Nah not really, I mean, Winter is like a sister to me, we're close but I'm kind of the black sheep of the family so I perfer to just-- stay to myself." you said.

He chuckled at your awkward smile. You didn't really know how to explain yourself. Talking to him about why you were here was like when you did an interview with that journalist for Allure. Talking about your family wasn't easy and it seemed like the journalist wasn't getting the hint with that where as Joon Kyung seemed to understand just by your awkward little smile.

"How has Jongmin been treating you?" he asked.

"As well as can be expected I suppose." you sighed.

Maybe he felt like you were treating him like he owed you something. You weren't sure though, you liked his work, it actually calmed you down alot. Whenever you were stressed out and your OCD seemed to take over to the point that you had to organize, lock locks and count items, it would all be calmed down when you saw the mysterious Babylon's work on your building. You'd keep it there just for your own sake if it fit with the resturant but what he was going to do to your club was going to be enough. You wished he knew how much you appreciated his work, in fact it caught your attention so deeply you were able to make out his signature, something he was even shocked by. You wondeed if Joon Kyung knew about Jongmin's spray painting adventures but you didn't dare bring it up.

"When it comes to Jongmin and the rich, that means not too well." Joon Kyung laughed.

"What does he have against rich people?" you asked.

"It's something personal, I'm not sure I can really tell you without his permission but I can say it has something to do with his family. He just- has a strong negative opinion of anyone with lots of money and privilege."

"Well it's not like I came from money. I mean my aunt and cousins looked after me. There was one woman taking care of six kids. I got to go to trade school because I had scholarships and plenty of them. I had my liscense but not my own car, honestly I didn't really drive until I could afford to buy my own car. I don't know what kind of stubborn pompous, high rised people he's dealt with or his family has met but I'm not someone that just grew up with money and privlege. I worked for everything I have. I won't apologize for that." you said.

Joon Kyung smiled,

"And I don't think you should have to. Jongmin will just have to get over it, besides the amount you're paying him is really helping him out. He can pay his brother's hospital bills now."

"Oh? I didn't know he had a brother."

"Yeah he's younger, a middle school student. He loves video games. He has cancer though and it seems like when one tumor is taken care of they find another. Jongmin thinks it's because he's inconsistent with paying for treatments. It's been really hard on him."

"I can imagine how that might be a burden. What's his brother's name?" you inquired.

"Hwimin. He's a good kid but he has a smart mouth like his brother."

You laughed along with Joon Kyung. You wondered about Jongmin's issue with rich people. Perhaps he was swallowing a lot of his pride to work for you. You two weren't on good terms, perhaps if you spoke with him in a more appropriate environment you two could resolve some miss understandings. You wouldn't know until you tried.

"Can I ask you a semi personal question?" Joon Kyng said after your laughter settled down.

You thought about it for a moment and said,

"Sure but the question will determine if I answer."

"I can respect that."

"Then ask away." You smiled.

"Why aren't you dating any one?"

"You mean aside from having lots of money and it's hard to find people who want you for you?" you chuckled.

He laughed but still seemed to wait for answer. You sighed and said,

"It's just a little difficult. I mean I have dated before it's just- things don't work out."

"Really? You seem genuine enough and there was an article way back, you were dating that guy Jae." he said

You giggled, yeah you and Jae had met here in Korea and it turned out he was Korean American. You guys enjoyed each other's company as friends until you decided to start dating and even moved in with each other.

"Jae was an interesting relationship. I mean we liked each other we really did but it got to a point where it was like we were just two people sharing a penthouse. My work schedule kept me out of the house and the same with him we barely saw each other and when we did we maybe had enough time to eat lunch and catch up with a quick kiss inbetween. Besides we were both back and forth from here to America but it was always different times."

"Sounds romantic." he said sarcastically.

You laughed and said,

"Yeah. Anyway it came time where he wanted to go back to America and I had business down here and at that time we were kind of like 'it's not working.' I honestly don't think we were in love I think we were just in deep like with each other and that wasn't enough. We still keep in contact though."

"Well at least it was a nice split but you still didn't really answer my question. Why aren't you dating anyone now."

The question didn't really ever come up in your head. Your other relationships seemed to just happen, one moment you were single the next you were with someone. Most of those guys couldn't handle your OCD though especially when you got frustrated. At first they thought it was cute and quirky but they eventually would be worn down by your constant need to have things in a certain order.

"Jae was my most recent relationship and he was the only one not bugged by my condtion."

"Condition?" he asked.

"I have OCD. It's not major but guys I've been with in my past relationships went from 'they're cute quirks' to 'why do you have to do that ALL the time'. They get very frustrated and really Jae was kind of a surprise but it's just too much to get invested in someone only to have them want to escape." you explained.

Joon Kyung took that in and nodded. He seemed to understand. You weren't uncomfortable talking about it though. He got to see first hand what you did with your OCD. Your food came and he watched you grab your plate, silverware and napkin in a certain order. You were tiddying up with him watching but you resisted the urge to do his side as well. After watching you though, he mirrored your actions. You smiled at him and felt amused that he knew you wanted to do the same so he did it himself. After dinner that night, you had Changmin do some research on Jongmin's brother Hwimin.

The next morning Changmin had the hospital that Hwimin was staying at, his age and what type of cancer he had. You took the car to see him and signed in as a vistor. The nurse asked who you were in relation to Hwimin and you said,

"I'm a friend of his brother's. I came to see how he was doing."

She seemed satisfied with the answer and gave you a pass and told you where to find his room. When you stepped in, you saw a middle school aged boy on a hospital bed with bandages around his head. He was playing video games on a hand held Nintendo DSI and he had an IV in his arm. You stepped in just as he looked up and his jaw dropped when he saw you.

"Aren't you-"

His speech stopped but his heart monitor gave away his excitement to see you.

"I read about in a blog, you're Y/F/N aren't you!" he smiled.

You laughed and pulled up a seat to sit by his bed.

"Yes that's me. It's nice to meet you Hwimin."

"Yeah you too! But why are you here to see me?"

"I work with your brother and heard-"

"Wait a minute, you work with Jongmin and he didn't tell me? When the hell did this happen?" he said shocked.

You couldn't stop laughing at his shock. You had an idea as to why he didn't tell Hwimin but you didn't want to say it to him. Perhaps you were over stepping your boundaries by coming to see him but with him being perked up so much you felt a little lighter about it.

"He's only been working for me for about two weeks." you explained

"Two weeks is long enough, no wonder when he calls me he tells me he'll come by when he's free. Whatever work you have him doing he's really trying to get it done. By the way what is he doing, he's a terrible cook and he hates numbers."

You laughed, you assumed the numbers comment meant he thought Jongmin was doing some accounting. Joon Kyung was right about him being like Jongmin. He was a sweet kid though and he seemed more receptive to you than Jongmin was.

"I'd hate to ask you to lie to your brother but I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention I came to see you. "

"That's fine, you must've heard from one of his roommates. I know for a fact he doesn't talk about my cancer. You must be paying him a lot too because he paid off a lot of my bills recently." Hwimin said.

"Has he been backed up very much?"

He shrugged,

"I don't know by how much but the doctors and nurses have started moving forward with more treatments for me. It's not like they stopped treating me but it seems like they're doing more. The only thing is I'll have to go through surgery soon."


"Yeah, apparently a tumor is growing somewhere it shouldn't be and it has to be done as soon as possible or i may be paraylzed. Jongmin seemed worried the last time I saw him. Is he taking care of himself, he was very stressed last time." Hwimin asked

The only sibling love you had known was your connection with Winter. This was the first time you had seen such a powerful display of sibling love and trust. He was more worried about Jongmin's well being than a tumor that was threatening to take away his ability to walk. You didn't notice that Jongmin was overly stressed and you started to feel bad about the way you approached him to work for you. Of course you didn't know at the time but that didn't help the guilt. You gave Hwimin a gentle smile and said,

"I'll see to it personally that Jongmin takes care of himself okay."

He smiled back,

"Good because that moron wouldn't ask for help even if he was drowning."

You chuckled and stood up,

"It was nice speaking with you Hwimin. I would love to come see you again if you don't mind."

"Are you kidding! Come any time you want!" he said.

You laughed and headed for the door promissing to come back. He called your name and you turned back around. He asked,

"What does Jongmin do for you?"

"I'm opening a club and I asked him to paint the walls for me. I enjoy his artwork very much."

He smiled,

"Ah, I'm so glad. Mom and Dad always wanted him to do something with his art talent but when I got cancer and he took over the burden of my bills for them. I was worried he had to give up his dream like me."

"What's your dream Hwimin?"

"To be a chef, like you."

You smiled,

"Don't give up on it. You never know what the future has in store."

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