nct council intro~

hi bbs!! jas here with my first nct card in what feels like 20 years! i’ve has some personal things going on, but that’s no excuse and i’ve told erica everything that was going on (she was so understanding) but it’s no excuse as to why i was absent so i’m not going to spare the details bc blah blah boring boring am i right?? so anywho with out further ado (is that how it’s spelled??) let’s get this intro!

hi, i’m jas and i’m 19 years old! i live in virginia and i am a college drop out (currently, until i get enough money to go back 😔✊) i have five tattoos and a lip piercing but i promise i’m the softest person you’ll meet!! and now enough of this boring stuff, onto the real deal!

the people i’ve been lucky enough to be able to represent!!!

okay, so enough of all this suspense! erica’s given me literally all of my biases??? and i got so lucky???? and recently she’s given me another member who i’ve loves and who i used to rep for when we had the old mod system

now let me show you these beautiful bbs i get to support!!!

first and foremost, i’ve bee lucky enough to rep this beautiful bb, haechan, and to show all my love for this precious boy (who is 1/3 of my ult biases)

second, i have this talented bb who i just had to ask to represent bc i’ve loved him for so long (even though sometimes i was like jaemin who??)

then of course there was renminbi who i just had to post for so i could scream about his snaggle tooth (and yes, you will get annoyed by my over excessive snaggle tooth appreciation)

and lastly (but certainly not least) the new addition to the jas will scream in support of list is this beautiful bb!!!

now, my posting schedule is about as chaotic as i am, but i’m trying to control myself and get a regular schedule to work with (so i’m currently writing down all of the duties i have on here so i can o r g a n i z e which is something i love doing) so i’ll be a little all over the place for a little bit. pls bear with me until i get myself organized!! and thank you bbs

I'm here to protect Hwang Hyunjin and throw hands at whoever hurts or tries to hurt him. That is my mission in life, to make sure he's always happy and healthy. 💞08/07/17💕
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