astro intro

hi bbs! jas here

i know? no memes this time?

no, not this time!! but waddup i’m jas i’m 19 and maelyn has let me join the astro team!!?

and i’m so happy i was given this opportunity bc i used to watch them when they were still iTeen (wow so long)

and look how far they’ve come!!!! i’m so so so so proud of everything they’ve done!!

this quarter i get to represent my one and only bias (i mean mj is also my second bias but sksksksks) jinwoo aka jinjin aka the loml

i’m actually so excited to be posting for this bb and i have a lot to post for him!!! now my posting schedule is a little crazy right now but we’ll get calmed down eventually so pls bear with me!

I'm here to protect Hwang Hyunjin and throw hands at whoever hurts or tries to hurt him. That is my mission in life, to make sure he's always happy and healthy. 💞08/07/17💕
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
Love Love LOVE

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