EXO 7th Anniversary Event 🎉


Hello EXO-L! Today we are cordially inviting you all to join us. We are getting ready for EXO 7th Anniversary on 4/08. Before going into the event, I got a surprise announcement!

That's right! I am doing a giveaway for EXO 7th Anniversary! All you have to do is participate in EXO 7th Anniversary Event. The one who participates the most will be the lucky winner.

To qualify for the giveaway:

-You need to be member of EXO Community

- Only US residents

- You are following me @MelissaGarza)

- Be sure to tag me in your cards

Pretty easy, right?

Now for the giveaway prize. It will be an album or EXO merchandise. You will have to wait and see because it's a surprise giveaway ; )

Now for the event. The event will be 10 days long. We will be doing member appreciation themed days. We will be starting from the oldest member to the youngest. On the last day, their Anniversary, we will be doing an appreciation for the whole original group. All 12 members of EXO, past and present. You can show your appreciation, any way you want as long you follow the community guidelines. I'm pretty excited about this event.

Now let's get started! Today's member is Xiumin.

Day 1- Xiumin

Xiumin is the oldest member of EXO. So he will start off our event.



*credit video to owner

Appreciation post for Xiumin


Until next time EXO-L!


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