Got7 Community Announcement 📣

Hello Ahgases! As President of Got7 Community, I have an announcement. As I mentioned in my introduction, we will be trying something new with the community. I am hoping it will encourage members of the community to intertwined with members of the Council. Let's work and have lots of fun together.

We will be starting Member Weeks tomorrow, 3/31. The first member will be Mark. So that means from Sunday to Saturday, our cards will be focus on Mark.

We will be trying out themed days with Member Week. Since it's Mark Week, we will be doing the following:

Sunday~ Ship (Who would you ship with Mark)

Monday~ Memes (Let's share our favorite Mark Memes and Gifs)

Tuesday ~ Tune (What's your favorite Mark solo, or Got7 song)

Wednesday ~ Writer (Let your inner writer out with a poem, or even a letter to Mark)

Thursday~ Thirsty (Share some sexy moments or images of Mark)

Friday~ Fan Art (Share your favorite or make your own fan art of Mark)

Saturday ~ Surprised Challenge (The Council will be issuing a challenge for Community to participate. The challenge will be announced on Friday night)

These will be our themes for Member Week. We hope you all will enjoy them. Please let us know what you think of the new changes.

Every Saturday, I will be announcing the new member. I am pretty excited about the new changes. I am sure they will be fun for everyone.

Until next time Ahgases!

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