Bridal Mask Episode 8 - Live Recap pt.4

The imperial chauffeur brings his army and takes all of Mokdans circus friends. Mokdan hears about this from one of the kids and wants to help them. Mokdan is met by Shunji and mokdan tells him how different they are. He is hurt because she doesnt want to be associated with him any more. The circus leader woman asks what they did wrong. They didnt disobey the law. They want mokdan. So they want the whereabouts of mokdan. They ask the circus leader man and then Mokdan's best friend is theatened to tell the truth (she is at her house, by the way ;)) Mokdan appears! and is taken under custody. Shunji kneals before his dad and vows to do his duties against Mokdans house but asks for Mokdan to be let go this one time. The circus people are let go except mokdan. they run into kangto outside. kangto is told by his junior that they have Mokdan in custody and is being let go as well. He doesnt know why and realizes that Kimura told them to be let go (kangto doesnt know from Shunji yet though) Kimura has given presents to the grand general to win his favor and to promote his son Shunji over Kangto. Shunji is promoted and given honor. Kangto congratulates him, although now, they have become, somewhat, enemies. Kangto's favoring chief was unable to win the heart of the grand general. End of episode 8 ----- preview for episode 9 ----- Kimura's voice says dont get too close to kangto, instead dont be friends with him. Shunji is now taken full course to be in charge of conquering the area. He is now turning bad =(. Stay tuned for next week. Thank yoou@~~~ Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

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