Monsta X Council Intro

Hello Monbebes! I am excited to be on the Monsta X community again! I had so much this last quarter! I want to thank@StarBelle808 for letting me join!

They are so adorable! A little about me, I am from Seoul Korea! I love anything that has to do with Korean food, clothes, beauty products, Kpop and Kdrama! I just love anything Korean!

I am happy to be here! This is going to be a great quarter!! Happy Monday!!


Monbebe Council Members @starbell808@queenpandabunny@Just2BLoved@Melissagarza@akiramarie13@skzmx@monstahyungwonx

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Loving K-Pop and Kdramas.....a sweet puppy
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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