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Hello everyone! Voting is open for president in the Jungkook Community! I will not be applying again for Jungkook's community. I loved being the president of the Jungkook Community! Thank you to every one who voted for me and gave me that opportunity. I would also like to say thank you to my Jungkookie Crew@Jiminsnooder@DefSoul1994@MelissaGarza@VeronicaArtino@jungkookieeeee !โค These girl's did such an awesome job! Thank you girl's! I love you all!โค

@jungkookieeeee applied to be president! So please go and vote forher! I know she will make a good president! She did an amazing job posting cards! So please vote for her!

click the link below. it will take you to the Jungkook Communityโคต๏ธ

Click on vote now!

And it will take you to that page aboveโคด๏ธ

Good luck to everyone that applied to be president!


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