Babylon Ch.8

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Who: Reader x Lee Jongmin

What: Romance

Story: He's has an amazing talent but he doesn't trust the rich... He's about to learn.

Jongmin's POV

He saw Y/N looking back at him with a soft expression. Hwimin looked at the both of them and then smiled.

"Hi mom. Hi dad, come meet my friend Y/N." Hwimin said.

Their parents stepped up to Y/N to greet her kindly and she smiled a warm kind of smile that both irritated Jongmin first then calmed his attitude.

"How do you know Hwimin?" his mother asked.

"I work with Jongmin. I came to check up on him." she said politely.

Her face glowed in a way that Jongmin wasn't used to seeing. There was so much light in her face, she looked so sweet but he was furious. Did she check up on him? Was she making a statement that she knew about his family? What was her endgame? Why was she inserting herself into his life?

"You were the one that did it, weren't you." Jongmin said to her upset.

Hwimin looked at the both of them again, surprised and confused. He and everyone else could sense the tension in the room. However, most of that hostility was coming from Jongmin. Y/N looked at him with a softer expression and said,

"Perhaps we should talk outside."

"Wait. Jongmin please don't be upset at her I like her she's my friend." Hwimin said.

Y/N smiled softly to herself and for a moment Jongmin thought he was over reacting. He looked to his parents that were watching curiously as they stood there in the room. He wasn't about to let her slide but he couldn't very well start a war in his family's presence. He couldn't promise that he wouldn't be upset at her, all he could promise was that he'd listen to what she had to say. He turned to the door while addressing his parents.

"Stay with Hwimin, we'll be back."

He opened the door and stepped out and turned to make sure she was following behind him. She had turned to Hwimin to wave goodbye to him and she gave a half bow to his parents who both smiled at her sweetly. They already liked her and that annoyed him. He knew they would make a big mess about it with him and he didn't feel like dealing with it. She headed out the door giving him a small apologetic look as she walked out. They walked down to the cafeteria and Jongmin said,

"Are you searching into my background now? You came to see my brother as some kind of message?"

"You know you make a lot of assumptions about me that don't make sense? I understand why you wouldn't trust me, I really do but it's not like I'm some mafia boss who's pretending to be nice to your family while silently threatening you in the background. I'm not trying to make an example out of you or scare you. Honestly, since I've known you, you don't really seem like you scare easy just annoyed and maybe just a little paranoid."

"Then what are you doing here?" he said.

"I actually came here too see the employee we were talking about earlier. I stopped by to see Hwimin, he wants me to come for his surgery tomorrow as well." she answered.

"Okay but how do you know about him?" he said getting more impatient.

"Joon Kyung mentioned him when we went to dinner."

"You went on date with Joon Kyung?" Jongmin asked while scrunching his nose.

How was she not butting into his life and why did the fact that she went on a date with him annoy him so much? He didn't have an answer for that. He felt some sort of pang in his chest that made him feel alert and again annoyed. She was becoming friends with everyone around him, coming close to people he knew and loved. Was he really supposed to believe that she was being nice or was she doing what Mr. Moon Jongin did?

For some reason though, he felt relieved from what she said next,

"No it wasn't a date- at least I don't think it was a date. All we did was talk- that's besides the point." she said.

She shook her head as if she were getting confused now. He felt better that she was getting back to the topic at hand. She looked back at him and her eyebrows raised sympathetically.

"I grew up in a house with five kids and my aunt who didn't really like me; they just short of tolerated me. Only one of my cousins became like a sibling to me and I see the same admiration in Winter's eyes as I do Hwimin's." she said.

"So did you pay for his surgery? Let me guess you had Changmin hand over the check?"

She smiled,

"You weren't supposed to know that. I just didn't want him to suffer. I wanted to help."

"I didn't ask for that help. I can't pay that back Y/N if I could I would've just paid for the surgery myself."

"I never asked you too. It's not like I'm asking you to be my drug mule Jongmin. I just know what it's like to lose family, I don't want you to have to know that too." she said.

She was genuine in her voice and that made him relax more. He couldn't deny he was grateful that she was paying for his surgery. Hwimin looked like he was enjoying the conversation when they walked in. She was able to insert herself into people's lives easily. Changmin did say that even her employees cared about her despite being annoyed by some of her quirks. His irritation settled and he thought about how much relief his whole family felt because she paid for Hwimin's sugery. He gave in and softened up, she probably didn't have any other motive other than the be nice to him. He was grateful. Jongmin reached out and gave her a hug,

"Thank you." he finally said.

It took a moment, perhaps because she was suprised by the action but her arms made it up to hug him back. He pulled away slowly after a moment and she smiled at him.


Jongmin hugging you was unexpected but you felt moved by the action. However, you were sure that didn't mean he trusted you yet. Understanding his distrust was easy, breaking down the barriers was harder. Perhaps you did over step you boundaries by coming to see his brother, however, you were looking for a way to better understand Jongmin since he never seemed to give you a straight forward answer on why he had a problem with you.

The rest of that evening Hwimin saw fit to inform you of all the things Jongmin did to him when he was much younger, anything he could remember that is. At one point he seemed to get a headache though especially when he was getting sleepy. His parents seemed to enjoy your company as well. They wanted you to join them for dinner at their home one night and they asked you a lot of questions. The one that embarrassed you the most but made you laugh was when his mother asked if you and Jongmin were dating. The question made you blush but you laughed when Jongmin quickly shot up out of his seat and said,


He sounded like an embarrassed teen and not a grown man. His mother apologized after you clarified that you two just worked together. Well, he worked for you but they really didn't need to know that. You adored Jongmin and Hwimin's relationship. There was such a brightness in his eyes when he laughed at his brother or when the two of them would snap back at each others smartass comments. You could see the love they had for one another and it shed light on a softer side of Jongmin you weren't aware of.

Jongmin didn't have a problem with you coming the next day for Hwimin's surgery since he knew Hwimin wanted you there. When you arrived the next day, his roommates were also visiting Hwimin and offering encouragement. Jiho greeted you with a wave and a smile, he didn't seem the least bit surprised to see you there. Joon Kyung however, seemed surprised.

"Hey! Y/N what are you doing here?" he said.

He came over and gave y4pu a half hug. Before you answered him, you saw Jongmin look at you two annoyed then he rolled his eyes.

'What was that all about?' you wondered.

You looked at Joon Kyung and said,

"I came to see Hwimin for his surgery."

"Yeah so stop hogging all her attention, she's here to see me!" Hwimin intruded.

You laughed as Joon Kyung ruffled Hwimin's hair and said,

"You're too young for her anyways you little shit."

He tried to act like he was going to bite him which made everyone else laugh. All accept Jongmin who had brought a drawing pad with him and had been concentrating on it. You thought you'd leave him to his own devices for a moment while you spoke with the others in the room, namely Hwimin.

"When you're able to get out of here how about you and your family come to Rosé's it'll be on the house." you told him.

"You mean it!" he said excited.

You giggled,

"Of course, I'll even let you take a sneak peak in the kitchen if you want."

"Oah! Will you teach me your recipe for lamb curry? It looks so good."

Hwimin seemed to always be in higher spirits when you talked to him about food and that made you happy. You had been a business woman for so long you forgot that excitement; his enthusiam reminded you of how you used to react to food and cooking. Like that one trip to Paris during trade school, only about ten of you went and while other students wanted to roam Paris you wanted to visit the finest resturants they had to offer and even the common ones too.

"How about this, you give me a list of your favorite dishes and I'll put them in a recipe book for you, but you just have to promise not to spread it around." you said.

"No way! When I get my own restaurant, I'll serve one of your dishes as a tribute." he said.

You laughed,

"Easy there I'm no goddess, no tributes needed. I'm looking forward to eating one of your dishes one day though."

"As soon as I get out of here I'm going to make. My own recipe and have you try it." he grinned.

"It's a deal."

The nurses came in to prep Hwimin and took him to the surgery room sending everyone out to the waiting area together. Jiho had to leave for his shift but promised to stop by again to see Hwimin the following morning. Mr and Mrs.Lee spoke amongst themselves, every once in a while turning towards you to ask a question. Joon Kyung didn't have to work for another few hours so he opted to stay and take up your ear. You only excused yourself for a bathroom break and to take a call from Chae Won, the assistant manager at Rosé, and one call from Winter. Jongmin stayed to himself drawing the entire time.

Hwimin's surgery seemed to have taken longer than you expected it too. Not that you were in any rush to go any place; however, you could tell his parents were getting antsy. Joon Kyung had left to go back to the apartment to get his work clothes meanwhile, you decided to get up and get drinks for everyone. His parents gave you their choice of drink but Jongmin said he didn't want anything. You were curious as to why his entire mood changed from yesterday, he went from being friendly to stand offish. What did you do this time? Was he that nervous about Hwimin's surgery?

You got to the vending machine to buy a coffee for his mother and then a tea for his father when you heard,

"You only have two hands. Or are you not getting something to drink?"

You looked back to see Jongmin and truthfully you were happy he was talking to you. You smiled and said,

"I was going to come back and get my drink. I wonder what's taking the doctor's so long."

"I've been trying not to think about it. My family is-- everything to me. But I'm scared."

He stepped up closer to you. His face looked serious. He backed you against the wall and placed his free hand on it. You noticed his drawing pad was in his hand but his eyes were locked onto yours. You felt nervous and your breath hitched when he stepped closer. Your heart raced and you felt heat rise to your cheeks as you stared back at him wondering what he was doing.

"Why the hell does it annoy me so much?" he whispered.

Even though he was staring at you, you could tell he wasn't asking you the question. Even more, the question didn't seem to connect to what he was talking about seconds ago. It was almost as if he were in another world now.

"Um, Jongmin-- are you okay?" you asked.

He blinked for a moment and then stood up straight. He sighed and ran his hand through his bangs to regain his composure. He lifted his drawing pad to show you what he drew.

He had

Your breath was taken away by the picture, it looked so life like. You held the pad in your hand and said,

"Jongmin this is incredible! You even got my necklace."

He reached out to lift the little sun charm on your necklace in his hand. He stared at it while saying,

"I like it on you."

It seemed like one of the few times he was open and honest with you. You chuckled and said,

"Jongmin are you starting to trust me now?"

His eyes flicked back up to yours in a serious manner. His hand reached for your chin and he came closer to you as he said,

"Something like that."

He placed his lips on yours and kissed you softly, your eyes widended with surprise and you dropped his drawing pad. Your hands griped his arms while his tongue slipped past your lips when you took in a surprised breath. The deeper the kiss the more the shock but you didn't push him away. Instead, you kissed him back.....

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