Jhope Community Guidelines

Alright we are back at that rime again for this community.

Please remember these guidelines when posting.

1. No Irrelevant Cards

That means, Jhope related cards.(If they are in a different language I will allow if they are appropriate)

If the card has to do with the group BTS please post that in the BTS community.

If there is a video/pictures/stories with Jhope and (other Member) thats perfectly fine to post here.

Main point....Jhope is the main focus of this community, if you want to post about the whole group please post In the BTS Community.

2. Post Warnings.

If there is 18+ content please post warnings. We do have users on here that are under 18 and we need to be considerate.

3. Be Respectful

We all have different opinions and if we come across people we dont like then just dont talk to them. We dont need to be cyber bullies. If i see anyone doing so I will intervien.

4. Have fun!

This is a place to be with like people and make friends. So make cards, like cards and comment on cards. Thats how friendships begin.

5. Chat guidelines.

Do not give out personal information as in where you live or phone numbers. You can't be sure of who you are talking to so be careful.

If you have any Issues please message me in the chat. I understand main reason for contacting me is due to rejected card so please read the guidelines before you message. Sometimes there are mistakes and cards get rejected when they shouldn't. If you believe this is something that happened please let me know.

Thank you and lets enjoy this term!


If anyone is interested in being apart of the Jhope Team feel free to apply and message me on any jhope card so I can get to know you a bit better.


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Hi everybody! I'm excited to meet and talk to people who also love kpop and k dramas.
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