This card is a little late as well, but it'll be up. I have been honored the chance to lead the Community as President of NINETY ONE once more.

For those of you who aren't familiar with NINETY ONE, they are from Kazakhstan. They actually pioneered a new genre, Q~Pop. Q~Pop is like when Western pop and KPop have a child. They paved the way for other artists to come out into the QPop world. The music is extremely catchy and the lyrics to a lot of the songs are deep.

❇Enjoy my FMV as you read the card❇

⁎ This is AZ ⁎⁎ This is AZ ⁎

✧ About Me ✧

➺ I am an older Fan. Birthdate is Nov 7. I share a birthday with a few artists {Lu Keran: Acrush/FanxyRed; The8: Seventeen, Hongjoong:Ateez}

➺ I've been into K-Pop since 2012. I've been around in the era of Topp Dogg, Madtown, C-Clown, LC9, Wonder Boyz, AA, Boyz Republic, Pure, M-Pire, Aziatix & other older groups.

➺ I’m also the president of Cross Gene & Lucente Cmty

[Be sure to join in the cmtys, we'd love to have you]

Cross GeneCross Gene{Seyoung and Sangmin have my soul}

|Gackt & Hyde are the hearts eyes||Gackt & Hyde are the hearts eyes|

➺ I'm Multifandom: Im very Multifandom. Some groups besides the ones I'm editor and president of, that I love: Monsta X, Block B, 2PM, Got7, G-Most, JJCC, Infinite, PLT, Ateez, Oneus, & many more.

➺ I love to read and write Fanfiction

✦ My Biases ✦

❧ Batyrkhan Abayuly Malik (Alem) has taken my soul ♡ {This guy gave me no chance to deny him}

❧ Dulat Bolatuly Muhametkali aka ZaQ is the secondary holder of my heart.

His stage presence got to me. I absolutely love his energy on stage.





If you would like to be added to the Taglist please leave me a comment♡

I am also looking for more editors to help out. If you are interested, please feel free to apply. We'd love to have you join.

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