Jonghyun and Juniel release 'romantic cut' version of 'Love Falls' MV

FNC Entertainment's project duo CNBLUE's Jonghyun and Juniel,coupled up for more cute scenes in the 'romantic cut' version of their "Love Falls" MV! This version of the music video for the song focuses on the two's sunbae-hoobae relationship inside a classroom and left fans feeling giddy with the playful flirting and eye contact. Regarding the filming, Jonghyun revealed it was hard to keep a straight face! He shared, "To be honest, I had a lot of NGs because I kept laughing while trying to act out the couple scenes with my close hoobae Juniel. It was also awkward to wear a school uniform even though I'm 24 years old. But I gained strength upon hearing that it suits me." Juniel said she couldn't keep her laughter back either as she shared, "I'm very familiar with having Jonghyun sunbaenim around so I burst into laughter a lot. I made quite the effort to focus on getting into the feelings of the song." Check out their sweet romance in the romantic cut version above! You can also check out their duet stage on 'Show Champion' later today!

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