Seo In Guk sings about 'Everlasting Love' in PV for upcoming Japanese release

Seo In Guk is getting the excitement rolling with his PV release ahead of the scheduled drop date of his Japanese album 'Everlasting'. 'Everlasting' consists of 12 tracks including his Japanese debut single "Fly Away" and follow-up single "We Can Dance Tonight", as well as new track "Everlasting Love" which portrays a sad love story. You can hear the singer and actor pour his heart out in the PV for "Everlasting Love", so take a look above to hear the ballad for yourself. For his domestic fans, you also have a treat coming up as the singer will hold his first solo concert, 'Surpri-In Guk' ('Surprise + In Guk') at Ewha Women's University, Seoul on December 28-29.

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