lets meet Lou ☆

Stage Name: Lou

Birth Name: Kim Ho-Sung

Position: Main Rapper

Birthday: December 21, 1996

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

He was born in South Korea. But lived in Atlanta USA and moved to the philippines when he was 17 or 18

Fun Facts about Lou:

– Lou speaks fluent English

– Specialty: acting.

– His hobby is rapping while playing the piano.

– His favorite color is black.

– Has a youtube web drama called ‘Lemon Car Video’.

– Helps write the rap parts in songs with Ayno.

– St. Van and Lou’s faces get bloated the easiest.

– Lou’s ideal type: is mom kind of girl and someone kind who can receive his heart, also someone who can accept his feelings, who doesn’t change, and can cook.

(Information brought to Vingle by https://kprofiles.com/vav-members-profile/ )

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