Fruits Basket Ep 1


ITS HERE FAM! Last night Fruits Basket Season 1 has been released for both Subbed and Dubbed! I really enjoyed the new animation and how clean and smooth the art style is now compared to 2001’s version but I have to say I miss the old style a bit.


I tell you I haven’t run to my computer this fast since I heard about the reboot of Fruits Basket Also to hear Laura Bailey, Jerry Jewell, Eric Vale, and John Burgmeier from the original cast come back (along with a few others) I couldn’t be more happier) I was a bit surprised with how John’s and Eric’s voices were a bit different but their voices still fit and matches the personality of the characters I’ll be watching both Subbed and Dubbed just so I can make it last a bit longer for me with this series


IM JUST SAD I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK TO WATCH THE NEXT EP but that’s ok as long as I can see my little rice ball How did you guys feel about the first episode? Anime Obsession Tag Crew!

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