Got7 Community Announcement: New Member Week πŸŽ‰

Hello Ahgases! It's Melissa with Got7 Community Announcement! Today I am announcing new member week. Starting Sunday 4/07, we are starting JB Week!

Here is the schedule for JB Week.

Sunday~ Ship (Who would you ship with JB)

Monday~ Memes (Share some of your favorite JB Memes or Gifs)

Tuesday~ Tune (Share your favorite Got7, JB solo or even one he wrote and produced)

Wednesday ~ Writer (Let your inner writer out! You can write a poem, or even a letter to JB)

Thursday~ Thirsty (What about JB that makes you Thirsty like sexy moments)

Friday~ Fan Art (Share or even make your own JB fan art)

Saturday ~ Surprised (A surprise challenge that will be announce on Friday)

That's the schedule for JB Week. We are hoping for more participation this week.

Until next time Ahgases!

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