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Kim Woobin on 130904 Shindong’s SimSimTaPa Translation (A VERY LONG POST AHEAD!) Translator: deenakahara Note: I did skip some things and summarized other things, but I translated almost all of it. Please let me know if you find any mistranslation. I’ve warned you that this is gonna be a very long post, and I recommend you to watch the video before reading this. If you want to use this translation, do tell me beforehand. Take this out only with full credit, will you? Shindong: SimSimTapa Transformation Special, Master Chef of Top Star! Last time he came here, this guy said, “I want to come again to SimSimTaPa. In the span of six months, I must come again!” And that day has come! The man with countless fans has come! The man of men, Kim Woobin! Please open the door and make your appearance! Please come in! Here, here, please sit here. Woobin: Aigoo.. Shindong: Yes, right from the start he already had this nervous face. Woobin:(Laugh) Shindong: He even entered (the studio) while breathing a long sigh. Welcome! Please introduce yourself once again. Woobin: Hello, I’m Kim Woobin. Nice to meet you all. Shindong: Nice to meet you! Kim Woobin-sshi? Woobin: Yes? Shindong: We don’t have much time, so we’ll do this quickly okay. You finally keep your promise to come back here again in SimSimTaPa. It’s been a little over six months.. Woobin: Yes. Shindong: The manager said that they heard you personally said this, “I have to come to SimSimTaPa.” and “I have to keep my promise.” Did you really say this? Woobin: Well I promised it last time, so I think there must be at least someone waiting for me to keep my promise to come here again. Shindong: Of course, many people are waiting for you. (Read the message that being sent in) Kim Hyemi-sshi sent, “Whoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoao!!!” Woo Youngmi-sshi sent, “Daeeeeeeeebak!” Choi Soomi-sshi sent, “Shin DJ-nim, please treat our Woobin like you did last time.” Jang Hyewon-sshi sent, “Our handsome Kim Woobin, please heat things up!” And there’s also from overseas! …-sshi sent, “Waiting for Woobin.” Really, she really sent it like that. Many people are eagerly waiting and asking for Woobin. Are you okay, Woobin-sshi? Woobin: Of what? Shindong: Have you been prepared yourself eagerly? Woobin: I can’t. (Laugh) Shindong:(Laugh) Actually, before we started, I asked if there are things that he won’t do in case he feels uncomfortable about it. Well, he should still talk about it even though he don’t want to do it though. He quietly said to himself that he don’t want to sing. So I don’t know if Woobin-sshi will do anything the fans’ requested or not, but if you all requested it, then our Woobin-sshi should do it. So you can request it through messages starting from now! Please send your message in and tell us what is your request for Woobin! Woobin:(Laugh) Shindong: Now, in the mean time we’re waiting for messages to come in, I’ll introduce about today’s show. SimSimTapa Transformation Special, Master Chef of Top Star with Kim Woobin! You’ve already expected what we’ll do today, right Woobin-sshi? (Look up towards Woobin) Woobin-sshi, you can’t eat those food now. Woobin:(Laugh) Shindong: Now, it’s time to make food with Woobin! It’s time to make cake! Are you a good cook, Woobin-sshi? Woobin: Cooking.. I really want to cook, but I think I don’t have the general idea of how to do it. Shindong: Ah.. right. It’s possible. There are people who became a good cook since their parents are also a good cook and their tastebuds has become familiar with tasty food since they were younger. Are your parents a good cook then? Woobin: Yes, my mother is a very good cook. Shindong: What is the best food your mom ever cooked for you? Woobin: Kimchi-jjigae (kimchi stew). Shindong: Oh, I see. Then do you know how to cook kimchi-jjigae? Woobin: I can’t. (Shy laugh) Shindong:(Laugh) Have you ever think to make it? Woobin: I’ve tried to make it once, but it ended up as kimchi-guk (kimchi soup). (Laugh) Shindong: I think you put too much water in it. I’m curious about one thing, what do you eat usually then? When you’re alone? Woobin: I usually cook and eat something’s simple. Shindong: Something like ramen noodles? Woobin: Yes, I enjoy eating ramen. Shindong: Tell me the truth, are you good in cooking ramen? Woobin: Ramen too.. Shindong: You can’t cook ramen properly? Woobin: Well I know how to cook ramen, but after eating it I don’t feel like, “Whoa, it’s really good!” Shindong: Even when you cook it yourself? Woobin: I don’t know how to measure the water to boil it. Shindong: Ah right, everyone knew that it (the water) was the problem. Just use cups to measure the water then, use like, two cups of it? Woobin: Actually, I have found a way to properly cook it for myself. Shindong: So now you can properly cook ramen then? Woobin: Well yes, I think it’s okay. Shindong: Please tell me how to cook ramen. Woobin: My faucet at home is the kind that let you know the amount of water you take every time you turn it on. So I turn the tap on, count to three, then turn it off. (Laugh) Shindong:(Laugh) Oh! It seems like a good way to measure the water! But then you can’t do it once you moved out though. If you move out, then you’re in a big trouble. Woobin: Yes, I think I have to worry about that if I move out. Shindong: Now, Woobin-sshi will start making the cake with his utmost care and while he’s at it, we’ll continue with our talk. Please introduce everything you got in front of you. Because there are people who aren’t listening to this as visible radio. Now we’re currently got a bread covered with.. what is that? Cream? Woobin: It’s whipped cream. Shindong: Ah yes, whipped cream. You also have to decorate it prettily with toppings and stuffs. What else you got? Woobin: First of all.. there are these stick cookies (Pocky/Pepero kind of cookies). Shindong: Oh, this cookies are widely used on broadcast, I’m sure you all knew what is this, right? What else? Woobin: And then chocolate, and jelly. Shindong: Jelly? (Laugh) I didn’t know that someone can say jelly in a very cool way like that. Okay, what else? Woobin:(Laugh) This is.. I think it’s chocolate syrup. Shindong: Okay. What kind of cake that you usually like? Woobin: I like.. whipped cream. Shindong: I see. Then please make sure to make it deliciously. Ah, do you usually like sweets? Woobin: Yes, I like sweets. Shindong: Okay. Please make it right away then. And I’ll keep interviewing you while you’re making it. Starting from now! Woobin: I’ll just make it like that? Shindong: Yes, while you’re making it, we’ll continue with our talk. Woobin:(Get flustered and starting right away) Shindong: You can make it in any way you want it. Woobin: Okay. Shindong: Now I’ll give you some questions. So lately, there are many news about you being the hottest trend. Do you agree with it? Woobin: Sorry? Shindong: Hottest trend. Woobin: Hottest trend? Shindong: Hottest trend Kim Woobin, there are many news article about that recently. Woobin: Ah.. No, I don’t think it is. Shindong: So you think you’re not the hottest trend then? Woobin: Yes. Shindong: What kind of news article that you think will suit you well then? Woobin: Uh.. Um.. I’m.. Ah, I’m too concentrated on doing this (the cake). Shindong:(Laugh) That’s okay. Please do concentrate on that. Should we do something else then? We have received so many messages. Jang Inna-sshi sent, “Woobin oppa, please do ppuing ppuing!” Woobin: What..? (Laugh) Shindong:(Laugh) Well, it’s okay if you don’t want to do it. You can just say pass to it. Because we got so many messages, how about I gave two chances to pass? How about it? If you think that you really can’t do it, I give you the opportunity to pass up to two questions. Woobin: How many questions are there? Shindong: The questions.. wait a second, I think we can do up to six questions. So how about it? Two pass chance? Three? Woobin: Three. Shindong: Three. Okay. Jang Inna-sshi sent, “Woobin oppa, please do ppuing ppuing!” Woobin:(Half-hearted) Ppuing ppuing! Shindong: Ey, what was that? If you see it, when you do ppuing ppuing, the hand gesture is the point! Will you do it? Or will you not? Please choose. Woobin:(Thinking deeply) Shindong:(Laugh) Is this something you have to think about that deep? Woobin: I’ll do it. Shindong: You will? You’ll do it cutely, won’t you? Woobin: Where should I look at? Shindong: Here. Since it’s a visible radio, you should do it! Woobin:(Sigh) Shindong: Kim Woobin’s ppuing ppuing! This is the first time, right? Woobin: Yes, this is the first time. Shindong: You haven’t done this on any other broadcast, have you? Woobin: No, I haven’t. Shindong: Everyone, this is the first time. Kim Woobin’s ppuing ppuing. 3, 2, 1! Woobin:(Include the hand gesture) Ppuing ppuing! Shindong:(Laugh) Woobin: Ah, I’m done for. Shindong: You seems very embarrassed about it. Are you usually have no aegyo whatsoever? Woobin: I’m actually have a lot of aegyo. Shindong: So you yourself think that you have many aegyo. Woobin: Yes. I know that, and I also like to do skinship. Shindong: You like skinship? Woobin: Yes. Shindong: Oh, it’s like that. There are those kind of people who love to do skinship on any of their relationship. Do you also like to do it towards guys? Woobin: Yes. Towards the hyungs. Shindong: Oh right! Last time he came here, he hit me! Woobin: Did I? Shindong: Hitting is also included in a kind of skinship, right? Woobin: Yes.. Shindong: Hitting when you laugh, hugging when you meet someone. Then, when you’re in a relationship, do you do a lot of skinship too? Woobin: What..? Shindong: When you’re in a relationship, do you do a lot of skinship too? Woobin: There’s a question like that? (Note: He was referring to the questions sent in by the listeners.) Shindong: No, no. It’s just my own question. Woobin: If it’s like that.. Shindong: You’ll use the pass? Woobin:(Laugh) Shindong:(Laugh) So? Will you pass it or not? Woobin: Well, it’s not like it (doing a lot of skinship) is a bad thing. Shindong: Of course it’s not. That’s what I mean. Between two people who love each other, it’s a good thing to do. Okay, I’ll read the second message. (Look at Woobin) You’re okay, right? Woobin: Yes. Yes, I am. for part 2 | part 3| part 4 ... click on link below ...

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