Fellow K-pop fans, I Introduce You to PRETTYMUCH!

Since most Vinglers are K-pop fans, I wanna introduce you guys to them because, coming from a K-pop fan that used to say the same lines (that many but not all fans say) like "Western artists are not as talented, their songs are too provactive, their lyrics are not good, etc.", you might be impressed or refreshed or maybe even both! When i discovered them, I thought that they might be doable for other K-pop fans.

I say it's time that we step our of our K-pop box and make an exception because there is a chance that you might find them just as worth it as I did. That's why, if this gets published, I am planning on making a post series which will start releasing in late April which will introduce K-pop fans to them.

To all K-pop fans that are interested and willing to give them a chance, please follow me so you get my post series first hand!! I am hoping to make some brand new BEANZ (fandom name, fyi) from ya'll! Hopefully, an interest will pop up for them here as well!

Just a Haitian k-pop fan over here... 😏 I'm a k-pop fan blogger, translator, and (soon-to-be) fanartist and fanfic writer. Also known as Sunlight Beauty, GRL1DA, or NCTsJunkyard on other SNS. | Instagram: @kpopayisyen Twitter (personal): @GRL1DA Twitter (NCT blog): @neocultureblog Twitter (SF9 blog): @fantasyayisyen Twitter (GFRIEND blog): @buddyayisyen
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