The Functions Of Gathering Foot

When sewists are using the good sewing machine, they need to have successfully attached the gathering foot into the sewing machine. Then, you need to follow one more thing. That is the speed of the machine. When you work on the faster pace, nothing will be in a good position anymore. And sewists need to adjust the piece of fabric again due to the no settings of the machine.

The first thing all beginners need to learn and work on it at any time of gathering the fabric is the pace. Furthermore, something will be wrong, and the finishing will not be up to the mark. Sewists need to adjust everything along with the sewing. Then the result will be tremendous.

Gathering and Tension:

To have the best appearance, the first thing sewists need to know is how to cut the ruffle a bit longer. Then they also need to know to trim the excess one after being done with the process. With this way, sewists do not need to go for the change option. At that time, you do not need to take any stress regarding the ruffle and tension of the sewing machine. The good tip is to measure the strip for the ruffle. Then you need to cut them in 1-2 inches more from the fabric.

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