Do You Have A Moment? <two>

The First Punch <chapter two>

It's been a month.

I so behind editing these shots. All because they want me to be part of EXO. I'm just so frustrated right now.

Oh not to mention both Yixing and Jongdae confessed to me. It was seriously like out of a drama. I just told them both that I can't be in that kind of situation right now. I mean yea I liked them. Yixing was more like a brother to me, always protecting, and Jongdae, I really like him. *ugh* I need to go get some air.

I went to the rooftop and started thinking about what happened. Chanyeol joined on the "Lets hate Maria" bandwagon. It was just hard, I hate this. I really don't want to be in this group. I just want to photograph and what not.

The air was getting chilly, as I pulled out my phone, Lay texted "Hey where are you?" "Rooftop, needed some air" "We're done let's go home" "I'll be down" was all I wrote. I shared a dorm with Chen, Lay and Xiumin. So basically the last remaining members of EXO-M. It was okay at least we got along.

After I felt I was good to leave, i heard a few more voices coming as my eyes grew big and hid out of sight.

"This is still bullshit!"

"Come on hyung there's nothing we can do now"

"How can they debut her already?"

"I don't know, but were not going to let this go, I mean look what happened with Chanyeol hyung"

"He right, how can we split my regular parts? That's just too much work"

I realized it was some of EXO. I peeked out and realized it was all of them. Shit I know I'm not gonna make it past them. I pulled my phone out and text Lay "sos rooftop" after that sent I tried to find a way to leave, then my phone went off. *shit, shit, shit* I said to myself trying to it off.

"Well who do we have here? Eavesdropping are we?" D.O. said pulling my out from where I was hiding

"psh, more like I leaving, I was here first" I replied back. At the moment he threw me to the ground, I felt I little pain on my knees as they scraped the pavement.

"Right. That all you were doing." Kai smirked,

"Believe me just once, I don't want no trouble today" I said, Suho huffed

"well looks like a bad day for you" he smirked

"lets finish what we were starting before" he said picking me up and slaming me against the wall his face close to my own,

"leave me alone Suho" I replied

"after this you'll be calling me Oppa" I looked at him

"I told you I would never in my life ever call you that" I spat at him.

He came closer and crashed his lips to mine then tried to rip my clothes off, I pushed him away then slapped him, as I tired to walk off someone grabbed me and held me down to the ground, I looked to see who it was and felt my heart shattered, i never thought that Channie would help them in this situation, but I was wrong. Chanyeol and Sehun were holding me down

"Fuck you guys get off of me!" I yelled and DO came and shoved a ball of cloth in my mouth all I could think in my head was "this is it, I need to fight back."

As soon as Suho reached down I kneed him in the balls and he rolled over, and knocked Kai over. I tried getting myself free from Chanyeol but he held onto my wrist to hard, then that's when I heard it, that slight pop then pain.

"Yah! What the hell are you guys doing?" I looked to see Lay and Chen, I was so happy to see them, but the pain and shock from my wrist had me weak and I fell to my knees, Chen ran over and picked me up,

"Maria-ssi are you okay" he asked I nodded when he grabbed my wrist and screamed in pain,

"Chanyeol-sshi what did you do?!" Lay yelled he slumped onto his knees

"I… I’m so sorry" was all I heard.

"Lay we have to get her to the hospital" Chen said worried.

We got downstairs and Xiumin was already in the back with a van to take us to the hospital.

"What did you tell manager hyung? Lay asked when we got into the van

"Told him Mar fell and needed to go to the hospital" Xiumin replied to him. These guys didn't want to tell them what happened. I wouldn't blame them. I wouldn't want to tell that Suho almost- "Maria?" Chen said softly breaking me out of my thoughts. I looked at him

"thank you... Oppa" I said to him and nuzzled my head into his neck, he seemed shocked that I called him that instead of hyung, cause at this moment, i was fell for him. He wrapped his arms around me

"I'll never let anything else happen to you." He whispered into my ear.

I knew this feeling all too well.... I was falling forJongdae.

And I was falling hard.


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