I Am Not a Robot Playlist!

Tuesday: KDrama Playlists

One of the first Playlists of songs from a KDrama that I will be sharing is from a very likeable and sweet Drama Called : I am not a Robot.

The Drama is about a Man who has a specific allergy and whenever he comes in contact with a human he develops a rash all over his body. Because of this he turns into a hermit and doesn’t like people. Jo Ji A is supposed to be a robot to help and work for her ex. The Robot looks exactly like her so when the robot fails she ends up filling in for the robot and comes in contact with the man allergic to humans. . . twist is she is able to get close to him so what transpires.

This drama seriously makes me wish that on some days humans could just ;power down or have a low battery and turn off!’

So a taste of I am Not a Robot is a very songs and clips!

OSt To: I am not a robot tracks

Juniel: I’m Standing here

Kim Yeon Ji: Words of your heart

Stella Jang: know me

Damsongegongbang: I love you with all my heart

Vincent Blue: I will slowly

Sung hoon Something

The videos are not in the order of what is listed.

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