Yeo One Is Gracing your feed. {You're Welcome}


Let us take a minute to observe and really appreciate this beautiful man.

Alrighty, so this week belongs to Yeo, and as your trusty Editor, I'm here to appreciate and bring awareness to him. So please sit back and enjoy.


↝ This is my attempted wink at chu all. Cute huh?

Okie Dokes, let's start off with a few videos.

↝ Here is Yeoone dancing in a Kigurumi.

[He has such a sweet, contagious smile]

↝ Remember that one time he danced to girl groups? He was so shy and precious.

↝ How about his obnoxiously cute laugh.

↝ His Beautiful Cover of Love in the Moonlight. You're also welcome for this to grace your ears.

↝ One of my favorite FMV of him

^~^ Thank you for reading the card.


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