My Current Favorite J-Pop Songs

Includes Japanese songs by Kpop artists and one j-rock song!

If there is a Japanese title or name for the group I list it first, then the roman form, then the English title.

While kpop is my favorite genre of music my heart always goes back to jpop because I have taken over a year's worth of Japanese class and I'm about to take more as well. So I understand the language more than Korean. Plus I used to be (kinda still am) super into anime!

Exile The Second - アカシア (Akashia) / Acacia

ちゃんみな (Chanmina) - Doctor

NCT 127 - Wakey Wakey

Pentagon - Cosmo

My First Story - Winner

エルオーエル (LOL) - ロリロリ (Lolli Lolli)

スダンナユズユリー (Sudannanayuzuyully) - Look At Me Now

三浦大知 (Daichi Miura) - Blizzard

西島隆弘 (Takahiro Nishijima aka Nissy) - Love Gun

Fun Fact: Nissy is in the coed group AAA. I love them & Nissy!

Flowback - Booyah!

Crazyboy - Double Play

Super★Dragon - Untouchable Max

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