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Dancing to "Fire" By BTS. A girl of the name [Y/N], a music Artist, famous for the words she encrypts into her music. Not afraid of what other people would say, this young 19 year old has made herself known throughout America and probably the world. Yea her music was that good and mesmerizing.

Many wonder were she gets her inspiration from and all she says is "my life experiences." Yea she does get it from her life experience, she was a poor girl on the streets before her adoptive mother picked her up. But her true inspiration was from the k-pop group 'BTS'.

Ever since she discovered this group of idols she's never felt so alive. It's all thanks to her best friend Kimberly Ashton. If not for her she wouldn't be jamming to such a good song right now.

"Fireeeee~" She sings along with the lyrics of the song. Of course the lyrics she understands, but then again she did start learning the language with her best friend. They actually both dreamt of going to one of their concerts but media. They actually have bought many K-pop merch especially BTS, such as ARMY bombs, hoodies, BT21 merch, and photo cards etcetera.

It's not that she's ashamed of being an ARMY or liking other k-pop groups like Blackpink, NCT, Astro, and others. It's just people tend to talk for no reason looking for juicy deets and scandals to fill up their satisfaction every now and then.

"FIRRRRRE~!!!!!"Kim her bestie also known as Kimberly shouted interrupting [Y/N]'s beautiful dancing and choreography.

[Y/N] sighed at her best friend who is probably louder than an elephant. She stops and walks away to get some water due to the hard choreography.

"They make seem so easy." She mumbled to herself. She gulped down the water in the bottle clearly thirsty.

"Firrrre~" Kim shouts clearly still having energy in her. [Y/N] couldn't believe her friend is so energetic.

"No wonder J-hope is her bias." She rolled her eyes walking out of the indoor dance studio in her home and walking over to her room to start writing a new piece of music for her next album.

"[Y/N]!!!!!" She heard her name called out from down the hallway. "Probably Kim." She said and rolled her eyes. Sometimes her friend is to energetic for her to handle, she sometimes ignore her.

"Are you ignoring me?!" Her friend burst through the door of her room making her jump at the sudden noise.

"Geez...dont scare me again." She said clutching her chest as her heart races.

"Scared much?" Kim giggled at how weak her friend is.

"No... You just... Oh I don't know BARGED IN!" [Y/N] said getting up from the bed. "No wonder J-hope is your bias." She mumbled but clearly her friend heard every single word she said.

"Hey! At least I'm not obsessed with International Playboy Jeon Jungkook." Kim scoffs at her best friends words.

"So?!.... At least he got abs made of stone." She retorts. They may be best friends but when it comes to their bias they turn into enemies... More like ARMINIES if thats a word...

"Yah!" Kin says using Korean to show she's offended. "He has abs... He just doesn't show it!" Kim says looking at the door.

"Bish I know!" [Y/N] says laughing at how obsessed her friend is with J-hope.

"At least I don't have Jeon Jungkook as my wallpaper." Kim mumbled.

"What you say?" [Y/N] asks.

"Nothing." Kim says smirking to herself.

"Whatever." [Y/N] said grabbing her stuff and putting on her BTS hoodie on and walking to the huge garden in her house with her friend tailing behind her.

"[Y/N] know I'm gonna leave for work for a week right?" Kim says as they seat on the bench outside.

"Yea I know... " [Y/N] said focusing on the music she's composing. Kim is older than her she's 24. Although she may be older but they feel very comfortable around each other.

"I'll text you when I arrive there." Kim says clearly knowing her friend is not listening.

"Mmm..." [Y/N] hums as a response making Kim sigh.

"Today is my birthday." Kim lies to get her friends attention.

"WHAT?!" [Y/N] snaps her head up and looks at her friend wide eyed.

"Look at you." Kim sighed at her friend. [Y/N] sometimes tend to overwork herself from time to time. Staying up late and working on her music. She could have gone to school like every other average girl but she decided to be homeschooled. "Don't overwork yourself." Kim says placing a hand on the younger ones head to show sisterly love.

[Y/N] smiled and nodded at her friend who is more like a sister. She dropped what she was doing and hugged Kim. They both stayed like that for a little while until they both were hungry. They decided to order pizza as dinner and have ice cream to top it off as dessert.

Once they finished they bid each other good night before going to their respective rooms. Kim's flight was at the break of dawn so needed to sleep and get well rested.

[Y/N] decided to text her mom because it's been long since she talked to her. She simply texted a simple "good night." and went to sleep before her mother could reply.

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ifreakingloveyouandyoullforeverremaininmyheart. :D.ifreakingloveyouandyoullforeverremaininmyheart. :D.

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