Going thru changes

For a few years I've changed my lifestyle, especially food, because I was already pretty fat. I had separated from my boyfriend with whom I had long stayed. Even now i can't believe what i've been thru. He has cheated me so many times and I forgave him every time, because I loved him crazy. My parents still told me it was not for me, but I did not listen to them. Until a day when I could not resist it, and i dropped him out of the house.

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Now I go to the gym and I am glad to have a normal life. I want to marry someday but for now I want to wait for the right moment. I know that eventually I'll find someone to appreciate and love me. I hope you are not bored with what I wrote here and if you want to talk privately with me, send me a message on my blog.

I want to meet wonderful people because I like to socialize on the internet! I like to go out in town or clubs. Sometimes I go to the gym to train because I want to be in shape. If you wanna know me better just go to my blog and send me a message with your facebook.
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