BTS' Jin Got a Brand New Nickname as Non K-Pop Fans were All Curious about Him

BTS' Jin has once again captured hearts, not only fans' but also non-fans'.

Heidi Gardner, a cast member of 'Saturday Night Live,' posted a photo she took with BTS to her Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, "BTS 4 EVA@bts.bighitofficial thank you for blowing my mind." Dressed as a super-fan of BTS, she wore a sweatshirt with BTS photo printed on it. She smiled ear-to-ear while posing with the boys. 

However, the attention is more for BTS, especially Jin. As you can see in the comment section, there are a lot of locals who ask the identity of "the third guy from the right" as they found him adorable! It seems like Jin's visual is unavoidable that even non-fans are all curious about him.

It is not the first time for Jin to steal public attention and got random nicknames from them. Two of them are "the man who opens the car door" which he got from the '2015 Melon Music Awards' and "third guy from the left" which he got from the '2017 Billboard Music Awards.'

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