Suga on How He Thinks about Junior Idols Expressed Their Will to Become the 2nd Generation BTS: "I don't Think There will Be One"

Suga talked about junior idols. 

On April 17th, BTS members came to Dongdaemun Design Plaza for their global press conference for 'Map of the Soul: Persona.' During the event, the boys answered questions about their latest album, their career, and more. One of the topics which garnered attention is when the MC asked Suga to talk more about junior idols who have revealed BTS as their role model.  

To the question, Suga answered, "I don't think there will be 2nd generation of BTS." He explained, "We had models and we wanted to be like them in the past but it turned out that we could not become like them and ended up being BTS instead." 

It seems like Suga implied that it's better to focus on reality rather than being too immersed in dreams.

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