V is Now the 'Guy with the Blue Hair' After Locals were Mesmerized with His Visual at the 'Saturday Night Live'

V has become the talk in town.

On April 13th (local time), BTS came to NBC's late-night sketch show 'Saturday Night Live' (SNL) to perform their songs. They made their SNL debut and has now become the first K-pop musical guest in the show's 44 seasons. BTS performed two songs, starting with 'Boy With Luv' and following up with the remix version of 'MIC Drop.'

It's not BTS if they don't make jaws drop with their visuals. This time, too, the boys have mesmerized everyone with their beautiful faces. Especially for V, he has become the talk of locals who have no idea about K-pop, as the "guy with the blue hair." Commercial FM radio station KBFF even took to their official Twitter account and posted about this. 

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