Boy in Luv Vs Boy with Luv

Hi all!! Veronica here and I wanted to share my thoughts on how BTS matured with their take on love using the Boy in Luv vs Boy with luv. How it's similar and different. Hope you enjoy

Intro verse: BOY IN LUV

I want to be your oppa, I’m so hungry for your love, I want to be your oppa, I’ll have you, just watch

Intro Verse Boy with Luv:

I’m curious about everything How’s your day Oh tell me What makes you happy Oh text me

So these are actually similar by he wants to know about you but it differs where he is wondering about you instead of wondering on how he can gain your attention.

First Verse: Boy In Luv

(Dad) Just how exactly, Did dad ask mom out?, Should I write you a letter?, What is this?, I become like dust in front of you

First Verse Boy with Luv

Your every picture I wanna have it by my pillow oh bae Come be my teacher Teach me everything about you Your 1, your 2

They are similar. One wants to know how to ask you out so he seeks advice verus the other asking you to tell him everything about you. Speaking to you directly and confidently instead of shy.

The lyrics to boy with luv takes a direct approach to speaking about his feelings with his love interest and speaking confidently where as the boy in luv is the young first love approach. Unsure, scary, and tenative.

what's your thoughts?

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