Without Any Promotion in China, BTS' V Showed up in Weibo's Real-time Most-Searched Keywords

Now we know how huge the popularity of V (and BTS, of course) in China. 

On April 2nd, keyword "the most handsome man in the world Kim Taehyung" trended at #8 on Weibo, China's largest social media platform. The idol climbed up the most-searched keywords chart thanks to his flawless visual. It's said that the keyword had been trending after, on March 30th, V won a survey on 'The Best Poll' and took the #1 for the most handsome man in the world, beating more than 150 other nominees. 

Not only that but the keyword "Kim Taehyung" also ranked 19th after V uploaded a short selfie video of him to BTS official Twitter account on April 3rd. 

This definitely a huge achievement of V and BTS, noting that BTS doesn't promote in China. 

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