Hello ARMY! This card is going to be one big spam of all of BTS- Bangtan Bombs that I have not posted yet! The card will have the original one that BigHit posted and the English subtitles that someone posted on YouTube! This card might get turned into a 2 part card because I missed alot. So I hope you all enjoy!❤

"Last Day Of Fake Love Stage"

*English subs*⤵️

"Fake Love" special stage! (BTS focus) 2018 AAA!

"IDOL" special stage! (BTS Focus) 2018 AAA!

"JK is trying out new filming stuff"

*English subs*⤵️

"IDOL" special stage! (BTS focus) 2018 MMA!

"IDOL" intro performance! (3J focus) 2018 MMA!

"Jin & J-hope play with earrings"

*English subs*⤵️

"Fake Love" special stage! (BTS Focus) 2018 MMA!

"Airplane Pt.2" special stage! (BTS Focus) 2018 MMA!

"IDOL" 1st win!

*English subs*⤵️

"Fake Love" special stage! (BTS focus) 2018 MAMA!

"Special Lyrics Of ANPANMAN!"

*English subs*⤵️

"Surprise Camera! Please Come Out Early!"

*English subs*⤵️

"Happy New Year 2019!"

*English subs*⤵️

"IDOL" special stage! (BTS focus) 2018

"Title Medley" special stage! (BTS focus) 2018

"Fake Love" special stage! (BTS focus) 2019 GDA!

"Jimin's Surprise Birthday Party In Amsterdam!"

*English subs*⤵️

"Enjoy The BTS Exhibition!" '24/7= Serendipity'

*English subs*⤵️

"Concentrating On Drawing JK"

*English subs*⤵️

I know it's alot of video's! But I hope you all enjoyed! I am going to make a part 2! Keep a look out!

*all credit to the owner's that provided the English subtitles*

*all credit to the owner's of the video's*












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