'Time Slip Dr. Jin' JYJ Jaejoong's Romantic Proposal

Kim Kyung Tak takes Young Rae to a place where he has childhood memories with Young Rae's brother, Young Hwi (Jin Yi Han). At the place that was filled with Kyung Tak's childhood memories, Kyung Tak shows Young Rae his name that has been engraved on a rock. Kyung Tak explains to Young Rae that it is the place where he practiced his swordsmanship after losing to Young Hwi in a duel. Kyung Tak also says to Young Rae, “This is place where I will wait forever. Until you come to me. Come to me.” While drinking with Young Hwi, Kim Kyung Tak promises to put Young Rae's life first before his own. Young Hwi asks Kyung Tak to take care of Young Rae forever. Kyung Tak responds, “If I could die to save her life, I will happily die for her. If she has to die for me to live, I will still die,” and continues to explain his love for Young Rae. Viewers who saw his proposal responded with comments like, “Even girls like me in the 21st century would fall for a guy like that in the Chosun Dynasty,” and “I would fall for a proposal like that 100 times and more.” Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong stated, “As a child of a concubine, Kyung Tak had to live a limited lifestyle without being able to even stand up for himself. Kyung Tak is beginning to make his voice heard in order to get what he wants. Even I am very curious as to what Kyung Tak has in store for everyone. Please keep showing us support.” Cr: Kpopstarz.com

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