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Hello everyone! It's Yugykookie97 here! I was supposed to make this card yesterday but I forgot to post it. Anyways I will be bringing you all "Underrated Member Appreciation!"The member I picked is from Victon! I would like to say thank you to@Halsyeon for introducing me to Victon and helping me out with this card!

Here are some facts:

Stage Name: Stage Name: Seungsik (승식)

Birth Name:Birth Name: Kang SeungSik (강승식)Position: Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday: Birthday: April 16, 1995

Zodiac Sign:Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height:Height: 180 cm (5’11”)

Weight: Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)

Blood Type:Blood Type: A

More Facts:More Facts:

His nickname is momHis nickname is mom

He hates cucumbers He hates cucumbers

His role model is is B2ST's Yang YoseobHis role model is is B2ST's Yang Yoseob

The whole group is underrated. But Seungsikis the least member bias/talked about. A lot of fans bias the other members but not a lot bias Seungsik.


He is too freaking cute! I don't see why he is underrated. Look at him!❤ How can someone be so adorable?

His smile just melts my heart❤


His voice is so beautiful! His vocals are amazing!!❤



He went from serious to a cutie in just 0.5 seconds

I hope you all enjoyed this card! And I hope you all fell in love with Seungsik just like I did! See you all next time!❤


*credit to the owners of the gifs, pics & video's*

here is where I got all my info! If you want to learn more about Seungsik just click the link or if you just want to learn more about all the members of Victon click below!⤵️





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