How Aluminium Doors Can Complement Modern House Designs

aluminium doors

Modernist materials:

Aluminium doors comprise aluminium frames and expansive glass – the two most prominent modernist materials currently available in the market. These materials complement each other exceptionally well, both exuding form and function with remarkable subtlety. This characteristic goes well with the modern architectural designs where understated elegance and functionality reign supreme. Unsurprisingly, a growing number of architects and interior designers count on aluminium fittings to accentuate the aesthetics of contemporary homes.

Sleek lines

Aluminium delivers on tensile strength to the point that even a sleek panel is capable of holding the glass at the centre. As such, you can minimize the frames and maximize glass area without sacrificing the doors’ structural integrity and stability. The sleek lines thus achieved echo the modern architectural designs where the emphasis is on clean proportions and minimalistic patterns. It’s a classic case of material properties translating to design compatibility.


aluminium door for bathroom

Built to last

Aluminium doors

Comfort and continuity

The contemporary design credo revolves around comfort and aluminium fittings don’t disappoint you here as well. The unique construction, featuring slim lines and vast glass area, allows penetration of sunlight and fresh air into your living spaces. A better view of the outdoors comes by default and so does the continuity between inside and outside.


Aluminium is an economical option for fittings vis-à-vis wood and steel, sparing you from spending exorbitantly upfront. Since these fittings will last the distance, complete value for money is realized over a period. The durability also translates to fewer expenses on repair and maintenance, helping you to save additionally.

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