Sehun Sunday 🌷

Hello EXO-L! It's Melissa with Sehun Sunday! For this week's theme, it's a spring date with your member. What kind of spring date would you like to have. For Sehun, I had chosen an romantic outdoor dinner and movie.

Everything is set up for your romantic date with Sehun. You are just waiting for him to arrive at your home.

He arrives with a cute present for you. You lead him to the back for your surprised for him. It's a outdoor dinner and movie date.

You set up an romantic atmosphere with lights and candles. You had the table all set with a delicious meal for 2.

After enjoying that delicious meal and wonderful conversation, it's time to settle down for an enjoyable movie together. What's an movie without popcorn and candy?

After an enjoyable evening together, it was time for Sehun to leave. You walk him out. You send him off with a sweet goodnight kiss *kiss kiss*

Now that's a spring date ; )

Until next time EXO-L!


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