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Ahnjong has to work two jobs to take care of her siblings. Soon, her life begins to fall into place, and she meets someone who pushes her to fulfill her dreams.

Chapter 8: ✾ New Problems Arise ✾

Ahnjong loaded up the kids as it was getting late. Her dad and Luna walked them out to the car, wanting to say their goodbyes. Everything was beginning to come together, in such a short time. The positives were starting to come through the dark. She never thought she would be reconnected with her Dad. That night was the start of a fresh slate, to rebuild the lost relationship.

Shownu walked them upstairs as he noticed a piece of paper. He opened it, since Ahnjong was holding a sleeping Haneul.

"What is that Shownu?"

"It's an eviction notice."

"No no, I paid rent. Jinae was with me Monday."

"Give me your keys,"

"It's not working?""Take the kids to my dad."

"Ahn, what are you thinking?"

"They can't just take our stuff. Please, Shownu just take them to my dad."

Ahnjong walked down the stairs behind the others. She had a plan to get the most valuable things out of the apartment. Walking behind the building, she noticed a fire escape that led up to their apartment. She called the landlord to see if he would allow her entry inside, if not she had other plans.

Answer the phone you coward.

"Where's the number, I'll try it from my phone since he won't answer yours."

Luna dialed the number as a guy picked up. He was clearly avoiding Ahnjong.

"Yes, hello. My daughter lost her keys and she needs help getting in her apartment,"

"Luna, I pay my bills. Jinae was with me when we paid."

"Do you have the receipt?"

"It's here in my purse,"

"We'll get to the bottom of this, don't worry. The kids are with your dad, I told him to make up the rooms for you three. Stay hidden."

They noticed a car approaching as Ahnjong dipped into Luna's car. Luna greeted the man as they proceeded inside the building. Luna motioned for Ahnjong to come, as she walked quietly behind them. When they got up to Ahnjong's apartment, he tried to turn around.

"I paid my rent why are you doing this?"

"I wanted to avoid this with you Ahnjong, a lady offered me a huge settlement for the apartment. Way more than you pay. I have bills to pay also."

"So your greed is going to put three kids on the streets? Okay, I wonder how the local news would like to hear this."

"Ma'am, please."

"No, I'm tired of people treating her wrong. I have friends in newspaper companies all over this city. This will make headlines and me money. What can I say, I have bills to pay too."

"What do you want,"

"Just let us get my stuff out please. I'll move all night if needed. I cannot lose Jinae's or Haneul's things. I'll leave, but not until then."

"That makes the two of us. Give me the new key, or this will be leaked tonight,""I will help her move. We will return the key in the morning. Once we're done, you'll never see us again."

The guy stood cornered looking between the two women.

"May I ask who the lady was?"

"That's confidential Ahnjong. I cannot disclose that."

"You're kicking her out for no reason. By law you have to give notice beforehand."

"It's okay Luna, let's just get this done,"

"This conversation isn't over,"

The two started packing things up as Shownu knocked on the opened door. He had boxes and a few of the guys with him. They all offered their help in moving Ahnjong. Good thing her apartment was small, so they could definitely get it knocked out quickly. There were at least two people per room, with a few running boxes down to the truck. Ahnjong was angry, but there was nothing to be done. She had a feeling as to who it was behind this, but she had no evidence. It would simply be seen as her being paranoid, even though her gut never told her wrong. Luna was a big help in everything, from packing boxes, to directing the guys. She threw her keys at Kihyun, telling him to grab someone, to drop the boxes off at her house.

"Go unload, and come right back. If you need to make a drink and snack run, go ahead. My card is in the visor, buy what y'all need since this is going to be an all night party,"

Seeing her things being packed up so suddenly was disheartening. She was angry, this was just how it was. In the back of her mind, she knew who did it; her mom. Somehow, her mom had found a new way for an attempt at destroying her life. For a while, Ahnjong thought she never would have to worry about her mom. It had been so long since she had seen her.

"Luna, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for you being dragged into this,"

"Don't you dare apologize. You will stay with us no problem, I want you there. You also won't have to worry about having a roof over your head, because you have a home with us."

"What are we going to do with all the furniture?"

"We have a shop in the backyard; this will fit. When Kihyun gets back, we'll load up the truck with furniture."

They all knocked out the rooms fairly quickly, moving the furniture out. With each minute passing, her apartment was becoming empty. It was a good thing that she reconnected with her dad, so they had a place that was welcoming. It was surreal to Ahn that this wasn't getting to her bad. If things were different, she would freak out more. Not this time. It did feel like she was out of her mom's grasp for once. Since this happened, she had a feeling they would be safe with her dad and Luna.

After the fourth load, they were down to a few boxes. Ahnjong kept reliving the memories that they had in the apartment over the years. All the times she took care of Jinae and Haneul. The runny noses, fevers, school projects, and any illnesses that the kids got, played in her mind with each room. She felt hands on her shoulders as it brought her out of the trance.

"Ahn, we're almost finished with everything. Are you okay?"

"Am I going to have to keep running from her forever? This hits an all time low Shownu, I honestly am surprised she still makes it a point to try and ruin me,"

Shownu heard the shakiness in her voice. It was obvious as to who did this, but she wasn't alone this time in dealing with the stress.

"You won't have to run forever. All of you will be safe and okay with your dad and Luna. Especially Luna, she seems so emotionally invested in you three already. That eases my mind Ahn. It should ease yours too."

Finally, after hours of packing and transporting loads to her dad, they were ready to leave for one final time. As Ahnjong looked towards her apartment one last time, she felt bitterness inside. This was one place she thought she'd have for a while. Her fate decided something differently, though. Looking back, placing her hand on the doorknob, she said goodbye to the Chapter that was closing. Ahnjong would just have to save money up to move into a new place.

Downstairs, she walked to Shownu's car as she decided to ride with him and a few of the guys. The others rode with Luna. At least this was finished and there was nothing left to do, but unload when they arrived at her father's house. Ahnjong was quiet during the ride. When they pulled up to the house, her dad was waiting out back to help unload the vehicles. In a flash, everything was done. Shownu bailed her out again.

"Shownu, I'm so sorry I'm causing all of these problems. Ever since we've met, I've been nothing but a hassle. I appreciate everything you have done for me, that you all have done for us."

"Ahn, it's not a problem. I would rather help you than see you break down. I will never stop helping you, even if life likes to throw you curveballs,"

She expressed her gratitude for the help. The boys left as Ahnjong sat on the sofa. She noticed the boxes from her apartment in the corner of the living room. Luna joined her as she brought her a drink.

"Here kiddo, cinnamon tea always helped ease my heart."

"Luna," "thank you for doing that for me tonight. I don't know how I would have done it without you."

"Ahn, you're family. I'm not going to let you be on the streets. I'll figure out who did this to you."

"It's my mother Luna. I have a feeling it was her doing. I can't prove it, but it's a strong feeling."

"I don't understand how she can be so heartless. This has happened before right?"

Ahnjong nodded her head. Even if it was a strong feeling, she didn't know what could be done. Figuring she should just cut her loses, she wanted to move past this. She did feel safe at her dads, so maybe her mom wouldn't find them. Luna and Ahnjong talked about the future of the kids. It was so different to her that someone other than her was looking out for the well-being of Jinae and Haneul. After so many years of being the only one, she wasn't used to the help.

Hearing her notifications go off, she saw Mi-Ok's name light up across her screen. The girls were worried about her since it had been a few days since they talked. She called Mi-Ok to touch base and explain the crazy situation that had arisen. They agreed to meet at the studio later to practice. Things were troubling, but she knew they would get better.

"Luna, I'm going to bed. Where is my room at?"

Luna took Ahnjong to the room she had made up for her. It was amazing to her that she had her own room again. She forgot how that felt after a while.

"Sleep well, I will make breakfast for you in the morning."

"Luna, I wish you were our mom. You've done so much more for us than our biological mom ever did,"

Ahnjong hoped the days to come would be a better change.



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