The Saddest K-Dramas

This card will contain SPOILERS! So don't read the card if you don't like spoliers!

(Just seeing the images won't spoil anything other than the fact that they are angsty dramas.)

I know some people don't mind them. I know depending on the drama that sometimes reading about a spoiler makes me really want to watch the drama. So I wanted to list these for those that don't mind spoilers!

Anyways I love a good angsty drama, below I will list a few dramas that are super angsty and explain why they are!

- - S P O I L E R S - B E L O W - T H I S - L I N E - -

Kill It:

(I just finished this one today, aka I cried my eyes out roughly 4 hours ago because of it.) -This one will be a longer one since it's fresh on my mind!)

Kim Soohyun was an orphan who lived in Hansol Orhanage and was known as a Numbered Child (Number 88.) As a child someone who he later finds out was his father handed him over to a contract killer to have him killed. Pavel, the killer goes against Soohyun's father's wish and keeps Soohyun alive. Pavel trains Soohyun to be a killer and together they become a contract killer duo. Until Pavel's old age catches up to him and he starts into the early stages of dementia. After Pavel's death Soohyun heads to South Korea where he begins killing people related to the Hansol Orphanage. While there he meets Youngeun/Hyunjin a child he knew from the orphanage and begins to fall in love with her. There he remembers what Pavel told him before he died, that he should stop killing and live like normal people. But that doesn't happen as the client who's been ordering him to kill the people related to Hansol Orphanage threatens to kill those closest to him. Soohyun continues killing until he finds his father. Hyunjin who finds out Soohyun is the serial killer she's been chasing since 9 years ago tries to stop him but Soohyun kills his father (who also happens to be Hyunjin's adoptive father) and thus the police end up shooting and killing Soohyun as well.

It was brutal man, I knew going into this drama that there more than likely wouldn't be a perfectly happy ending but it still hurt!


Park Gwangho travels from past to present and he takes the place of a missing cop who happens to have the same name as him. The entire drama Gwangho tries to find out what happened to the missing cop and ends up finding out he was murdered by the serial killer he was chasing in the past.

-The reason this one is angsty may or may not be because the actor for the younger/present Gwangho was Cha Hakyeon (my ultimate bias at the time) and I was banking on him being alive at the end of the drama. Which if you watch he technically would be because the killer was caught but still it was brutal because they lead you to believe he may be alive for a good portion of the drama and you later find out he's been dead almost the whole drama.


Cheon Sooho finds out he has a brain tumor and that he only has months to live. On top of this he falls in love with Seo Jihyun but he also may have killed her sister when he was drunk. Out of guilt he decides to use his last few months to help her. From the very beginning the audience knows he did not murder Jihyun's sister and you can't help but feel even worse for Sooho. Sooho ends up dying from the cancer before the series ends.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes:

Kim Mooyoung and Yoo Jinkang fall in love even though Jinkang's brother is suspecting that Mooyoung is a murderer. It also turns out that Jinkang's brother is the one who shot Mooyoung's father and that Mooyoung and Jinkang were childhood friends. Mooyoung and Jinkang both end up getting shot at the end of the drama because of something Mooyoung had done earlier and the two die facing each other.

(Super brutal if you watch the entire series, it was heart breaking!)


Park Haeyoung finds a radio that connects him to Lee Jaehan who is 15 years in the past. Almost the entire drama Haeyoung is trying to find Jaehan and he later finds that Jaehan was murdered some time in the past. Haeyoung also tries to get Jaehan to prevent the death of Park Seonwoo (Haeyoung's older brother) who had been killed but his death was posed as a suicide. Unfortunately even though Haeyoung was in contact with Jaehan before Seonwoo died Jaehan was unable to make it to the location of Seonwoo's death in time causing for history to not change and for Seonwoo to still be killed.

(This one still gets me! Also fun fact: Seonwoo is played by SF9's Chani.)

Reunited Worlds:

Sung Haesung was killed in a car accident as a teen but awakens 12 years later not having aged a day. He basically goes around and brings his family back together and clears his name of a murder he was suspected of back when he was a teenager. All seems fine and dandy until he starts to disappear. By the end of the drama Haesung had returned to heaven, the beyond, death whichever word you best prefer, leaving them all behind for a second time.

Remember - War of the Son:

Seo Jinwoo has hyperthymesia, a condition that allows him to remember everything. He uses this ability to help his father who is accused of murdering a girl from their neighborhood. His father is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease and cannot remember if he did actually murder the girl or not. Jinwoo ends up not being able to prove his father's innocence before his father passes away in jail. Jinwoo goes to prove his father's innocence and later begins showing the signs of Alzheimer's disease as well, but unfortunately for Jinwoo's case his is coming on extremely quick because of his hyperthymesia. By the end of the drama Jinwoo has lost all of his memories and leaves behind the girl he loved.

At the end of the drama we are left with not knowing if he'll ever remember or not but I think it's safe to say he would not.


Sungjoon and Sunghoon are clones of a doctor named Lee Yongseob. Sungjoon is accused of kidnapping a cop's daughter when it was actually Sunghoon's doing. The entire drama you go through knowing that Sunghoon is a bad guy but you can't help but love the boy too death. You also come to find out that the clones have a time limit on how long they can live. That they need a certain person's bone marrow in order to live because Doctor Lee Yongseob injected the drug he had been killed trying to make. At the end Sunghoon joins up with Sungjoon's side (aka the good side) and kills the man who's trying to get the bone marrow and kill the the clones. Sadly Sunghoon dies right after he's killed the man leaving all the watchers bitter! (Boy Sunghoon just wanted to live wiht his mom and brother (Sungjoon.)) Oh did I mention that Sunghoon accidentally kills his mom...oop another brutal moment there!


Ugh this one is brutal! (May be a tad bit long)

So to understand this plot line you have to know that each episode has two different parts. One coined 'Beta Project' where twins Kim Woojin and Kim Bumgyun grew up and another coined 'Grand New World' where Kim Joonhyuk a cop is seemingly trying to find a set of twins (Woojin & Bumgyun) who have been missing since the 'Beta Project' days. So the entire first half of the drama we are left to wonder what happened between Beta Project and Grand New World because the twins are around at the beginning of Beta Project. Slowly the two stories begin to connect and you find out that Han Jungyeon is an alien who has lost her memories and with her brought technology that some scientists deemed perfect for making people happy. That technology could wipe memories from people. The scientists felt that if you had your bad memories wiped from you you could live a happier life. But we all know that you aren't really you without your memories and that HUMANS will almost always use technology to their own advances. So finally Beta Project and Grand New World connect and we find out that Joonhyuk is actually one of the twins, he is Bumgyun but where was Woojin? Turns out Woojin had to be in the room in order for Jungyeon's technology to work (Bumgyun thinks that there's the possibility that Woojin is the one that is evil and is wiping people's memories but he is VERY wrong) so the evil scientists chased after him. Well the connection between Beta and Grand comes in whenever Woojin ends up getting hit by a car. We later find a Woojin in Grand New World that hasn't aged a day from the Beta episodes. Turns out the real Woojin died shortly after the car acccident and the evil scientists had made clones of him to keep the technology from Jungyeon working.


Sorry for my shitty recaps of the dramas, it's been a while since I watched some of these. Also I'm just not too good at recapping them! XD


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