Akuvox's 2 VoIP outdoor intercom

SIP video door phone

The safety frame has been protected for 24 hours.

intercom door entry system

two-way home intercom

The R23P is simple and generous in design, especially chic, but at first glance, it looks low-key but atmospheric. One-touch call buttons simplify unnecessary time wastage and have high quality audio quality.Support for embedded or wall mounting, and it's easy to make calls without any effort.

In addition to all the functions of the R23P, the R23C also comes with an RF card reader that supports common door card recognition, which makes it easier for the family to get started.

The operation does not need to call the person inside the door every time.

Whether it is R23P or R23C, in addition to bringing convenience to our family life, the office door phone at work has the same security protection effect.

Or they can be more advanced villas, or where remote control is required to get in and out.


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