I'm back

Oh wow. I can't believe I haven't been on here or made a post since 2017.

So let's start from the beginning. I had just started going back to school for cosmetology and such. Learn a lot and actually had fun, but I couldn't complete due to reasons.

I got into a relationship that I've been very happy with for a whole year and 1 month. My boyfriend is silly and I love him to death. We also got a surprise in September of last year when I took a break from school and was going right back to start my schooling again.

We were expecting our first baby together. We were very excited and we were only a couple of weeks when we find out that we were expecting. I was definitely thrilled to have my child and to love that child unconditionally, but I found out a month or two later that shocked me.

We weren't just having one baby but two. I'm a twin so I thought that twins would skip me like it did my twin who had one baby. Doctor was surprised to learn that I was a twin and that I'm carrying twins. I wouldn't change it trust me. Telling my boyfriend about put a shocked to his face as well. Double the trouble he would say. We were 3 to 4 months by 5 months almost 6. We were going to find out what the genders were for the twins.

We got lucky. We were having a little baby boy and a little baby girl coming in May. Feeling them move is a blessing cause it took a while for me to notice them kicking. Or just seeing one of them move across my stomach. Coming up with their names was the hardest me and my boyfriend, but we picked out some really good names for them.

We decide that our son would be named Kai Alexander Harry and our daughter would be name Raven Brianna Harry. (some of the pictures is from our baby shower or from our photoshoot we had before our baby shower) The months were going by fast and we are getting closer to our due date or were we?

My water had broke at 8:30am on April 24th. We were scheduled for a cesarean on May 2nd, but apparently May 2nd was to far away for the twins and I was rushed to the hospital an hour away from my hometown by ambulance. We get there we are put in a room I was already 2cm and probably went up but since I wasn't having a natural birth I was patiently waiting for my cesarean and had at least two people ahead of me having one too.

I was having such bad contractions that I wasn't allowed to have any medicine to ease the pain but took medicine to slow down my contractions. After what felt like forever I was heading to the OR at 2:00 or 2:30 for my cesarean.

At 3:02pm our daughter Raven was born and 3:03pm our son Kai was right behind her. My cesarean was done I got to finally hold my babies and feel them. My boyfriend was happy and left so the doctors could finish but it took longer for me cause I lost blood and have a needle in my pelvis! They couldn't get it out without hitting blood veins and me bleeding out so they left it there so I can't have an MRI with it being in me.

Now it been a whole week and 5 days since I had my kids and got engaged to my boyfriend as well. So I hope I get to share my experience of being a mother to twins with you guys and start doing my cards for our kpop boys again. Can't promise if I miss a day or so. But I wanted to let you guys know why I havent been on and that I have return to start up my stuff again.

Love yall!!

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