The Best Evidence Is Right Here To Say UFOs Are Real

America is undoubtedly the capital of UFO sightings in the world and Pennsylvania has recently had one of the best UFOs ever recorded.

Because this one looks and feels the part plus the eye witnesses responses absolutely echo and ring in the ears as their delight and disbelief is real.

This is probably a real UFO sighting but why is it coming to Earth.

There is definitely a secret war going on with UFOs and humans in our skies of which both sides are been shot out the skies. When it's them, recovery teams move in and pilfer the contents and we all get a new iPhone or a new doodad (gadget) to annoy the neighbors with. The technology to do this is all back or reverse engineered from the "very thing" that some people say started all this war in the first place! The UFO in this video is well and truly shot with a missile.
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