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Fe’nomenaal is a one-stop Nola beauty supply store that has never left any client dissatisfied. The company offers Hydration Shampoo which is affordable and will keep your hair hydrated easily. Using this shampoo continuously you will see the most exciting results. If you have loose curly hair then you can increase your curl pattern by applying a dime size of Curl Enhancing Serum to wet hair. Simply apply a dime size, create curly twist with your fingers and let air dry. Due to this product, your hair will not frizz or swell as it dries. It will also have a nice natural softness. Being a wonderful Nola beauty supply store, Fe’nomenaal is also happy to offer Pure Soft Conditioner which can replenish the moisture to the hair and it will soften excessively rough hair. There is no need to struggle with your rough hair as this product will make your hair softer in no time.

No matter what hair type you have, these products are designed for long, short, curly and straight hair and will fit your hair type easily. Fe'nomenaal was established by Guy Clement Halley. Being a highly talented multicultural stylist, he is committed to leaving each and every client happy and satisfied. Fe’nomenaal also offers a high-quality product that softens the hair and adds and an instant shine. Glow Shine Spray is a light innovative shine spray which has an amazing fragrance.

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