Why Did Lee Min Ho Need Special Treatment at the Airport?

Actor Lee Min Ho received special treatment at the airport, but the exclusive service was much needed for the safety of the actor and the thousands of fans who had crowded to see him. During the early morning of December 21, after finishing his schedules at Shanghai, the actor headed to the Shanghai International Airport in order to travel to Beijing. However, due to the many fans that were waiting for the actor at the airport, Lee Min Ho had to be escorted by officers for the safety of the actor and his fans. Lee Minho Yet, the chaos was just starting. As soon as Lee Min Ho arrived at the Beijing International Airport, the beloved actor had to avoid the thousands of fans who had been waiting for his arrival. Due to safety reasons, the actor was granted arrival through a special VIP gate. In regards to the special treatment, the actor’s representative commented, “We are thankful for the support and love, but mass crowding can cause a dangerous outcome.” Despite the massive love from fans, the safety of all parties should be the number one priority, as seen through this incident.

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