Designer Handbag Trends That We All Love

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The Belt Bag

Gone are the days when the word ‘belt bag’ would stand for fanny packs, for the new fashion trend is now here to rule for a long time to come. An upgrade from the bum bag of the previous year, the belt bag is basically worn on your waist. A lot of high-end designer labels are already putting out their own designs of belt bags out there, of the lines of Burberry, Coach, etc. Burberry has come up with a chain link style, while GIvenchy has brought forward an enchanting white leather version of the iconic belt bag. The belt bag made an appearance at Chloe last year, however, they skipped the belt bag design in favour of the hand-held one.


Yes, you read it right. 2019 is all about redefinition, and this trend is just yet another addition to the category. Lanyards are no longer limited to holding your ID card, but are now a fashion accessory! A range of designers like Burberry, Gabriela, and Erdem are now showcasing small bags that come in the lanyard format. The lanyard patterns range from chain and belt to fur. So how about getting a necklace as a bag, ladies?

Rectangular Shapes

The SS19 fashion shows took a blast from the past and came forward with a flashback of classic designs that rocked the ‘90s. We’re talking about design updates of the classic Fendi Baguette, the Dio Saddle, Prada’s Sidonie leather, and much more. This revisitation of the old has been brought forward by a desire for the OG bag styles. This is why designer labels have sought to bring an update on their flashback classics. Be it a riff in the rectangular Fendi or an update of Prada’s Sidonie which now comes in suede, leather, and tie-dye, old is the new now.

So now that you’re all updated on the latest bag trends, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and stock up on some of these classic styles for yourself, because they are definitely here to stay!

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